designverse, on the basis of the website -, aims at an accurate matching platform for developers (government, government development platform, developers, etc.) and designers (architectural design, urban planning, landscape design, interior design, product design, public art), at the same time, it provides brand services and content products for design professionals and creative enthusiasts. "DESIGNVERSE RANKING" is the core product of designverse website platform. It is a logical system based on the development of global authoritative media data and algorithms. It fills the gap of market cognition of development agency and design agency, and makes connections between the global developers and designers who pursue aesthetics and high quality.

In the process of China's real estate transforming from incremental into stock, we deeply realize the inevitability and necessity of enhancing the quality of the urban renewal. On the background of that the government development platform, developer, bidding company, private owner and others struggling not to get fast and high to match the design of institutions, and that design agency is more difficult in symmetric information to show their own design strength, "DESIGNVERSE RANKING" is born at the right time to show up and advocate "fair and transparent, accurate matching", and accordingly, brand services and content products are provided to better promote the forward flow of correct information.

At present, "DESIGNVERSE RANKING" releases four first-level rankings of "architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and new generation agency" with second-level and third-level rankings extended in each field. As of March 31, 2020, in terms of brand services and content products, the website platform has welcomed the settlement of more than 1,450 design agencies and over 1.3 million registered users with a total of 13,000 articles/projects published online. Among them, 90% of the content is independently released by global design agencies and individuals, mainly information and cases; 10% of the content is deeply explored, carefully selected and integrated by the designverse editorial team into bespoke interviews, columns, and reviews, etc.

The History of designverse

designverse, a website platform affiliated to Shanghai Young Bird Brand Management Company, is committed to promoting the positive ecological development of global design industry chain. Its management team has nearly 15 years working experience of professional design media, internet, big data research and other fields. In 2019, the website of Young Bird Plan, a subsidiary of Young Bird Brand Management, was upgraded and transformed and formally merged into designverse website platform ( The platform aims to encourage young people to design with originality and in design thinking, and to have positive dialogue with the global design industry and industrial development. In a word, it strives for connecting young bird works and design talents to the most influential design platform and cutting-edge design ecosystem all over the world.


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