Tea Time

Anna Chau

School of Visual Art

Transparency, health conscious, honesty are the three pillars that will bring attraction to the youth market today. The concept for + was to develop a personality for the product to be friendly and easy to interact with. The name is derived from the word tea in the form of an addition sign to characterize all the different components of tea like the flavours, health benefits, and amount of tea leaves contain inside.



[ 队名:666 ] 翁浩鑫, 刘天琛, 黎小敏

Tu delft, Delft University of Technology, 代尔夫特理工大学



C-Tea (Compact Tea set)

[ 队名:Momentum ] Kim Seung Kyun, Jaegon Yoo, Sanghee Yoo

Hanyang University, Hanyang University, Hanyang University

To encourage the younger generation to consume tea, an understanding of the younger generation is needed first.
Young people are active and outgoing. They often enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and trips.
For active young people, you need a portable set of tea that are easy to use anywhere.

C-Tea (Compact Tea Set) is a set of tea that increases portability with a variety of binding structures and compact sizes.
It is characterized by the presence of potteries, kettles, teacups, and tea tray in a small space, all the necessary tools for the tea.

The teacups and kettles of CT combine into one, creating the shape of a tumbler that is easy to carry.
The kettle also has two cups, one up and the other down, and the tea leaves can be put in the lid below.
This structure makes tea leaves easier to remove.

Xiao Guan Cha's new package is 'Edge.'
This 'Edge' design allows you to check the color of the product from any angle.
Also, the overall lower luminance creates a more refined image.