Urbanization and high-tech development are two keys to influence human development in the 21st century

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The urbanization in China and the high-tech development in America will be the two keys to influence the human development in the 21st century deeply.

——Nobel economics prize winner, Stiglitz 

The development of new technology is as important as the growth of city from Stiglitz’s perspective, albeit with different dimensions and approaches, both of them are closely intertwined and connected. The advances in technology lead to more discussions on the future of city, and in return, the improvement of city would bring more topics for technological researches. 

The First Computer in the World

The Rapid Urban Growth and Sprawl in Chengdu

The mutual development of new technology and city at this era gives birth to Smart Cities which tie in all aspects of urban growth. Yet the progress made in the development of city stands on the shoulders of new tech instead of simply relying on them, with new discussions on the topics of urban governance, environment, economy, ecology, communities, etc. 

What a smart city operator does is to ride the waves of current opportunities in the smart age and retrofit the cities.

Practice of Smart City’s Regeneration 

It is the eastern part of Caohejing area, Xuhui District, Shanghai where China Fortune Properties implements the strategy of urban and regional regeneration at its first attempt, backed by the principles of Smart City. 

As an original suburb of Shanghai, it was developed to industrial lands in 1980s. However, today’s factories are moved to the outskirts, leaving this area with a heap of industries, residences and trade. Most of urban infrastructures are outdated and frayed as time passed by.

The 1979 digital map of Caohejing area where INESA built factories in the middle of farmlands

In early 2010, China Fortune Properties conceived a plan to convert some factory buildings  in Caohejing Industrial Zone into innovation parks for emerging technologies, with the aim to boost the regeneration of this area. 

The parcels relevant to Caohejing area are divided into different zones without clustering together. Given that, China Fortune Properties took the whole surrounding area into consideration to set a guideline for regional development which focuses on the concept blended with City, Park, Work and Life. This idea fully respects the relationships between city and the park to make the latter one open to the outside world and grow naturally. China Fortune Properties pushed the envelope in discovering the relationships between society, economy, humanity and interpreted them into the development solution, spurring a hefty growth in the surrounding area. 

China Fotune posted global invitation to bids for urban planning and design of Caohejing area in 2010. And Itsuko Hasegawa Aterlier and its project concept of garden-style office blocks won at last. It designed hanging gardens and corridors to connect buildings, and consequently created an integrated green system connected with surroundings for the whole area.

Site Plan of Competition Project by Itsuko Hasegawa Aterlier

Led by the development strategy of China Fortune Wisdom Hub, new businesses and industries are sprouting across the surrounding area to set a green, smart circumstance for development.

Thriving business climate of the reformed Caohejing factories

Exploration for a More Integrated and Smart Solution 

China Fortune has offered a strategic planning themed on garden-style smart city for Caohejing Area and implements it with flying colors. Based on its success experience and the support of smart industry clusters in INESA, it begins to seek more complete solutions for smart city.

► The Development Background of Sanlin Park

Sanlin Economic Park is one of the key industrial parks on the town level in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It has been in operation since early 2000, yet does not make any substantial progress. As the resources of industrial lands overstretched, Pudong New Area proposed to renovate town-level economic parks, and Sanlin Park saw its name in the first batch list.

At present, Sanlin Economic Park merely boasts two large-scale companies, Weicon and General Mills. It means that there is a large room for its regeneration, upgrading and transformation. China Fortune Properties figured out integrated solutions for the regeneration of Sanlin Park and the schemes for Sanlin Smart Peninsula. Consequently, China Fortune signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sanlin Town Government in 2017 to provide further services in future. 

Sanlin Park is situated at the boundary between Pudong New Area and Minhang District. After the construction of EXPO Sections, the functions of Development Zone along Huangpu River are more and more complete. Located near the Foreshore International Business Zone, Sanlin Park has access to accommodate the overflow of around business. 

In addition, it is adjacent to the greenbelt of the Foreshore Waterfront area, the green wedges and suburban parks, withabundant ecological resources. Hence, the advantages afforded by environmentaland industrial conditions are good preparations for its transformation and upgrading. 

China Fortune drew up the development plan of Sanlin Smart Peninsula in view of Sanlin Economic Park’s superiority in industry and ecology. Through the employment of industrial spillover effects in Foreshore, and the integration of industry, office, residence, business, and environment, China Fortune will build the innovative peninsula as a demonstration for smart industry under four emerging economic formations and a integration of industry and city. 

► Four Emerging Economic Formations, Waterfront Revetment, Cultural Retrofits, Open Spaces

Driven by emerging smart industries, such as electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, bio-medicine, the industrial upgrading will march forward with upgrading and transformation to the goal of Smart Peninsula.

By connecting industrial spaces with U-shaped greenbelts, Sanlin Smart Peninsula will inherit the philosophy of “Garden-style Office Blocks” from China Fortune Wisdom Hub,  in order to create a green environment for work.

The General Mills, formerly the manufacturing plant of Haagen-Dazs, stretches across this area. The initiative of transforming it into Haagen-Dazs Museum has been put forward by China Fortune to introduce industrial tourism. This museum projectwill be a huge boon to the whole area, which infuses new culture and innovation by means of retrofitting and promotion. 

General Mills

China Fortune will take full advantage of existing water system to build waterfront squares and small-scaled eco landscapes, ultimately leading to an eco-friendly industrial park. The flowing water diverted to office spaces integrates original waterfront scenery with functional park and connects buildings with waterscape.

Riverside gardens and walking path along the water are planned to form an eco-friendly revetment. Meanwhile, there will be a pedestrian bridge arching over from the development zone to eastern country park, which effectively utilizes the natural resources of the whole area.

► Smart city solutions based on smart industry system of INESA

After the construction and operation of China Fortune Wisdom Hub, China Fortune Properties figures out a complete application system of smart city. In the light of smart city’s guidelines, technical standards and security systems, a thoroughly integrated construction system will be formed with application systems, such as application service of information technologies and cloud information platform. This system will aslo include infrastructures like intelligent sensor, wireless network as well as community facility.

The system of smart city is sharpened by the development of Sanlin smart peninsula. On the basis of INESA smart industries, cloud construction and Internet of Things products, China Fortune will formulate a definite strategy for the development of smart city.

The solution of China Fortune Smart City dedicated to the intelligent home, smart transportation and green measures is conducive to develop green buildings and spaces, to blend smart industry with city, to create smart energy, smart transport, smart building, smart complex, and smart development space.

China Fortune will further polish the guideline for park development during the construction of Sanlin smart peninsula, backed by the design and productivity of INESA smart industry clusters. The scheme contains specific solutions for infrastructures, public services, resource management, and even the informational, smart industry system. Sanlin smart peninsula will be supplied with comprehensive information system and facilities of smart city by the support of hardware facilities design, production capacity from INESA.

China Fortune also provides the overall development plan of emerging industries, including the solution for quality industrial spaces and regional industry projects. Sanlin industrial zone has been successfully transformed and developed by the strategies of modification, functional orientation, urban design and guideline development, leading to the situation of a thriving development in emerging industry, realizing a prosperous new city blended with smart sharing and city-industry project so as to create and share together with Sanlin town government to achieve win-win scenario.  


With the advent of smart age, we request much more for urban development. People do not regard cities merely as places to gather together for living purposes, but to enjoy high-caliber life and work.

China Fortune is committed to becoming a bellwether in developing smart industry community such as Caohejing development zone and Sanlin Economic Park. Great efforts are made in the development and operation of urban renewal and smart industry community, and thanks to that, regional functions and urban qualities are improved.

 China Fortune Properties creates beyond architectures by pushing the limits of industries through smart approaches so as to bring more green, quality, and shared spaces for work and daily life in cities. 

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