Top 75 Announced! Designers from Six Continents around the World Build a World-Class Slow Traffic System for Suzhou Dayang Mountain

Release Time 2018年10月18日

The competition challenges designers to innovatively utilize local resources with global vision, and turn Dayang mountain area into a city slow traffic node by the design of slow traffic system. Additionally, strengthen the links among various functional areas as well as weaken the sense of separation, so as to meet space needs of urban residents and improve their life quality.

The Young Bird Plan 2018 Suzhou Dayang Mountain Slow Traffic System Conceptual Design Competition requires fully understanding of current problems combined with city space quality needs to form an ecological and living circle, ensuring rationality and landing possibility of the scheme. Meanwhile, substantially improve city quality and brand image which would enhance space quality and space competitiveness.

Before unveiling the shortlist of Top 75 in this competition, let’s feast our eyes on the big data and our contestants.

The competition theme with regional overall planning and design has attracted domestic contestants around Dayang Mountain to participate actively. It is delighted to find that the difficulty and complexity of the project didn’t reduce oversea contestants. The proportion of domestic contestants in this competition is 61.4%, while the foreign counterpart is 38.6%.

It shows that Young Bird Plan has grown into an international and inter-disciplinary platform, and gained more influence in the industry. The top 75 entries demonstrate carefulness and delicacy of contestants. Furthermore, some entries impress us with comprehensive solutions beyond competition proposition and evaluation criteria.

More and more seasoned designers are inclined to join Young Bird Plan’s competition apart from students on account of high quality competition propositions with inter-disciplinary jury panel.

It is acknowledged that the growth stage ofgrowing process for every designer is long endless and arduous. Since its inception, Young Bird Plan has dedicated itself to helping designers transform ideas into reality. The captivating allure of this competition for students and young designers and even experienced participants is that top 3 schemes will be reference for future municipal projects and top 10 contestants will get an opportunity provided by Vanke to participate in the design of interactive landscape sculpture devices.

The age of 20 – 29 is still the main age of entry, accounting for 72.5 %. Seasoned designers over 30 also showed activity.

This competition has added sign information. Among all contestants, Scorpio and Gemini are the most numerous, accounting for 14 % and 11.6 %respectively, followed by Cancer and Pisces. Scorpio designers with keen observation and excellent analytical thinking ability will definitely get a unique design idea from extensive data. Smart and intelligent Gemini with high productivity and consistently high quality is also quite in line with the competition. Contestants from different signs are expected to demonstrate their distinctive characteristics in their work.

The majority of overseas participants are from developed countries in America, Europe, and Asia; some contestants come from countries with excellent natural and cultural features such as Australia, Austria, Denmark and South Africa and so on. Notably, contestants from Armenia, Bangladesh, El Salvador, and Ethiopia take part in the competition organized by Young Bird Plan for the first time.

According to statistics, contestants from 33 countries have taken part in this competition. Except Antarctica, competitions organized by Young Bird Plan haves spread to six continents all over the world.

Domestic figure displays that first and second-tier cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, and Tianjin are the most active areas of participation. In addition, the slow traffic system design competition has attracted Hainan participants. Therefore, the span from Harbin in the north to Haikou in the south is the largest in all previous competitions.

Contestants in Architectural Design accounted for nearly half of the participants, contestants in Urban Planning and Landscape Design also accounted for a considerable proportion.

The participation rate of design enthusiasts has also increased compared with previous competitions, even American financial officers, interior designers and freelancers have entered the competition. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to design and participate in design. Young Bird Plan hopes to build a competition platform for contestants in more fields to turn theory into practice.

Foreign universities (partial list)

Domestic universities (partial list)

Domestic and foreign firms (partial list)

Are you itching to see the entries now?

Congratulations to all the shortlisted contestants. Each of you will be able to download an electronic version of certificate of honor (via website) on the page of “My competitions” after the competition is over!

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