Top 100 of Neo-toilet International Design Competition Announced!

Release Time 2018年6月13日

The scope of Toilet Revolution in China has been extended beyond tourist attractions to the whole country, urban areas to countryside since 2015. This action has developed into a model to build a beautiful and healthy China. In response to the appeal of Toilet Revolution, Suichang People’s Government, Young Bird Plan and LeLiving launched 2018 Suichang “Neo-Toilet” International Design Competition, with the aim of propelling livelihood projects. This competition is committed to boosting the development of tourism and revitalizing villages in this new age by focusing on the small facet of our life. 

Entrants in this competition are challenged to consider and utilize the physical geography, location, resources, convention of the site in a careful and flexible way. Their entries need to be innovative reflection of local uniqueness (culture and custom).

Before unveiling the shortlist of Top 100 in this competition, let’s feast our eyes on the big data and our contestants.

The proportion of domestic contestants in this competition is 65%, while the foreign counterpart is 35%. It shows that Young Bird Plan has grown into an international and inter-disciplinary platform, and gained more influence in the industry. Our foreign contestants have impressed us with excellent projects which are highly completed.

The statistics show that more and more seasoned designers are inclined to join Young Bird Plan’s competition to compete with younger generation. Confronted with inter-disciplinary jury panel’s challenge, inexperienced designers have opportunities to practice. 

Most of overseas participants are from countries in North America, West Europe, Asia and Oceania; some contestants even come from Ethiopia and Kenya in Africa, and nations in Middle East, East Europe, such as UAE, Iran, Romania, and so on.


Domestic figure displays that first and second-tier cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, and Wuhan, are the most active areas of participation, followed by Northern cities, such like Urumchi and Harbin.

Since its inception in 2013, Young Bird Plan has dedicated itself to helping designers transform ideas into reality. The captivating allure of this competition for students and young designers and even experienced participants is that Top 5 schemes will be fabricated. It is interesting to note that senior designers over the age of 40 also are willing to rise to the challenge. It proves that with the development of our platform, more and more designers with different background have become our followers.

Because this competition per se boasts a high professional standard for contestants, those with Architecture and Environment Design backgrounds makes up the largest portion. Those who study Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Interior Design enrich the competition with something more than façade design. They add cultural colors and practicable possibilities to their schemes. What’s more, their entries will speak for Young Bird Plan’s human-centered wish — to create better life for people. The proportion of design fanatics grows higher. Our confidence in the development of design sectors is brimming.

This professional competition has attracted a number of students and designers from various universities and companies both at home and abroad. Below is a partial list of these renowned institutions. 


Foreign universities (partial list) 

Domestic universities(partial list) 

Foreign institutions (partial list) 

Domestic institutions (partial list) 

Are you itching to see the entries now? Please click “Read more” to find the shortlist of Top 100 contestants!


Congratulations to all the shortlisted contestants.

Each of you will be able to download an electronic version of certificate of honor (via website) on the page of “My competitions” after the competition is over!


The top 30 finalists and public voting are set to be announced this week.

Please stay tuned!