Top 100 Announced! Quality Works from Most Pioneering Designers make Yongchuan, Chongqing popular

Release Time 2018年12月3日

A quality toilet, the most private area in public space, will usher in a revolution of public spaces. Based on that, Dongpeng Group (including Dong Peng Ceramic and Dong Peng Bathroom Design Service) and Young Bird Plan launch “On the Frontier” public toilet competition, aiming to integrate resources, strengthen industry awareness and the impact of the region, and find an innovative, cutting-edge, practicable approach to reform rural public spaces.

Upon released, the competition drew great attention. 1287 contestants from all over the world registered the competition in only 55 days. So far, the jury has selected top 100 entries for the first round, which not only surprised them but also brought enormous pressure to the jury as the quality of entries were really excellent and out of their imagination.

Before unveiling the shortlist of Top 100 in this competition, let’s feast our eyes on the big data and our contestants.

This competition, named “On the Frontier”, intends to break the traditional thinking of rural public toilets with the most avant-garde designers, and to find works that conform to local customs and culture, meet the requirements of function and construction, as well as reflect the advanced innovation of young people. Public toilet, a miniature public building, seems simple, yet it is hard for designers to express pioneering ideas. Happily, based on their knowledge of project base, Dong Peng and local culture, the contestants presented design of public toilets beyond traditional perception, bringing international design philosophy.

The proportion of domestic contestants in this competition is 80%, while the foreign counterpart is 20%. The statistics shows that 77 % of the participants comes from universities students around the world who are attracted by the implementation of the project.

According to our analysis, this competition has attracted contestants from 31 countries and 181 cities, with more contestants from China, and most overseas participants are from countries leading in design like America, Japan, Russia, Italy; other contestants come from countries with excellent natural and cultural features such as Australia.

The competition site is in Yongchuan District, Chongqing City. Accordingly, it was highly valued by Chongqing contestants: 143 contestants are from Chongqing, the largest number in all cities. Domestic figure displays that contestants from first and second-tier cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Harbin, Hefei, Chengdu, Qingdao, and Wuhan also show their enthusiasm. Students from Chongqing University, Guangzhou University, South China University of Technology and Southeast University are the most enthusiastic.

The age under 30 is the main age of entry, accounting for 87.4 %, directly reflecting the theme “On the Frontier”, among which the youngest participant is only 16 years old from Guangzhou University. Moreover, competitions held by Young Bird Plan are possessed of certain influence in the industry after years of accumulation. Top 3 projects will be constructed by the co-organizer Dongpeng Group and supporters in Yongchuan District. Therefore, seasoned designers also show activity. The eldest contestant is a British architect, 65 years old.

Dong Peng’s diversified products can not only meet the design requirements in different fields and be used in different occasions, but also offer various solutions for interior design, outdoor planning and architectural design. As this competition requires “diversity” which is what Dong Peng seeks for, it attracts contestants from different disciplines.

Contestants in Architectural Design account for more than 60 % while Urban Planning, Garden Design and other related disciplines also account for a considerable proportion. Additionally, contestants in Transportation, Energy Engineering and International Economy participated in the competition.

The jury(Hasegawa Itsuko: world-class landscape architect; Yuyang Liu: famous Chinese architect; Fache Gao: director of the professional committee of public toilet construction management; Juzhen Li: founder of PEARS foundation; Daihua Zhong: vice-chairman of CPPCC in Yongchuan district; Lixing Yang: general manager of bathroom design service department of Dongpeng group; Isa Ye: founder of Young Bird Plan) has strictly evaluated the submissions according to five evaluation criteria based on competition theme.

Young Bird Plan 2018 On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition in Yongchuan District Chongqing City

Foreign universities (partial list)

Domestic universities (partial list)

Domestic and foreign firms (partial list)

As a leading brand providing integrated solutions to bathroom, Dong Peng has developed a series of pioneering products on the basis of science and technology, art, and life. Its products are intelligent, user-centered, healthy, energy-saving and eco-friendly. Therefore, contestants are expected to solve the current problems of public toilets in an objective and creative way, optimize the use of techniques and products, and integrate them into peoples’ life.

Are you itching to see the entries now? Please click the competition page to find the shortlist of Top 100 contestants!                              

Congratulations to all the shortlisted contestants. Each of you will be able to download an electronic version of certificate of honor (via website) on the page of “My competitions” after the competition is over!

The top 30 finalists and public voting are set to be announced. Please stay tuned!