The Centre Pompidou in Paris acquires 12 architectural models from MAD Architects

Release Time 2019年3月1日

Known for their futuristic expressions of the built environment, MAD Architects has developed a reputation for designs that exhibit an organically dream-like aesthetic. By pulling elemental influences from nature, each architectural concept strives to strike a balance between the surrounding environment, cityscapes, and humanity. The famed Centre Pompidou in Paris has recently acquired 12 stunning architecture models that illustrate projects MAD have created between 2005 to the present day.

The collection is a reflection of the firm’s design ethos and their take on architecture’s progression and evolution towards designing the future. Each model represents various structural typologies, ranging from a contemporary kindergarten, residential towers, mixed-use complexes, and cultural buildings. Individually, each model also exhibits elements of artistic aptitude due to the level of precision and construction detail.

Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, MAD Architects have developed an extensive portfolio of built works. From their choice of material representation to the meticulous detail each model is a perfect extension of the firm’s vision. With every design concept, MAD Architects strives to initiate discourse about the future of architecture, form, and interpretation. The permanent acquisition of these models by the Centre Pompidou lists the center to become the first cultural institution in Europe to house MAD’s collection of work. The models are set to be presented in an opening exhibition at the center in April 2019.

Below are a some of the models that will be on display:

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art (Chicago)
Dimensions: 120x80x40 cm
Material(s): paint, resin, wood
Scale: 1:500

Harbin Opera House (Section)
Dimensions: 128x90x63cm
Material(s): paint, resin, wood
Scale: 1:100

East 34th
Dimensions: 177x129x64 cm
Material(s): resin, wood
Scale: 1:100

UNIC Residential
Dimensions: 60×52.5×39 cm
Material(s): paint, resin, wood
Scale: 1:200

Chaoyang Park Plaza
Dimensions: 29x60x30 cm
Material(s): concrete, resin
Scale: 1:400

Yabuli CEF Conference Center
Dimensions: 217x181x42cm
Material(s): acrylic, PVC, wood
Scale: 1:150