Space Encounters Builds Temporary Museum for Milan Design Week

Release Time 2019年3月22日

Design studio Space Encounters has partnered with Creative Holland to build a temporary museum for Milan Design Week. The installation is made to combine room for art and design, with atmospheres that promote relaxation, contemplation and focus amidst the pace of the Salone di Mobile. The Museum was designed as a journey through different spaces in which visitors constantly interact with Dutch creativity.

Combining architecture, photography, music, design, fashion, VR, film and digital communication, the temporary museum links different creative disciplines to different ambassadors under the underlying theme that all exhibits draw visitors into a different world. As the team says, “The Museum is not like any other museum. Nothing will be imposed or explained. There is no noise, no distraction; visitors do not have to think about what they will see, what they should like, how they might possibly feel or not feel. The choices have already been made.”

Featured work will include photographer Reinier van der Aart’s “ultimate self-confrontation”, Pianist Joep Beving’s music designed to create a sense of tranquility, and the works of digital artist Jan Robert Leegte that aim to provide a sense of calm. The temporary museum will be open from April 9th – April 13th.