Shortlist of “Guanish” announced!

Release Time 2019年2月27日

Young Bird Plan 2018 Guanish Product Design International Competition was launched in December 27th, 2018, though the coldest winter, received most passionate submissions. In the past 2 months, 551 contestants from 32 countries participated in this competition. Before unveiling the shortlist, let’s feast our eyes on the big data and our global contestants.

Guanish is a new word in combination of Chinese word guan (which means jar in English) and stylish. This competition aims to design a new series of tea drinking products and create a new style for young generation to drink tea by calling for younger and more creative minds.

Chinese tea has a long history, especially kung fu tea which is considered as most formal and representative tea-drinking style in traditional opinion. However based on Chinese tea background, the competition opens to global designers whose innovative ideas of tea drinking are out of traditional expectation, which explores a new way for millennials to drink tea.

According to the statistics, domestic contestants in this competition account for 66%, while the foreign contestants account for 34%. In terms of occupational distribution, individual students show their great passion for the design competition, among which students account for 69%, while staff account for 31%.

For the first time, the number of male contestants was overwhelmed by of female contestants by 6:4, which obviously shows the female are best qualified to speak on pretty appearance.

This competition attracted contestants from 137 cities of 32 countries around the world.

Apart from local contestants, the competition arouses most attention from Korea, Thailand, India and Turkey which have a traditional tea-drinking history. A student from Chulalongkorn University, the most prestigious university in Thailand participated in this competition for the first time. Meanwhile, designers from America and Italy are also interested in this competition.

Due to the particular theme of this competition, cities with more vitality like Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu contribute to more contestants. Besides, there are many participants from Zhengzhou and Hong Kong, which is out of our expectation.

The competition has a great impact on the area of Urumqi, Zhuhai, Harbin and Taiwan. In conclusion, the whole nation focuses on the matter of tea drinking.

The age of contestants also reflects the competition theme, as contestants under 30 account for 74.2%. The youngest participant is a 16-year-old senior student majored in accounting from Korea and submitted a drawing cover; while the oldest contestant comes from India and is 65 years old who was shortlisted for Dayang Mountain Slow Traffic System Conceptual Design Competition, another competition launched by Young Bird Plan. We sincerely wish both of them a good result in this competition.

This competition has attracted plenty of professional designers with industry and art design background. Besides, it also attracts architectural designers based on our accumulation.

Furthermore, there are also trans-disciplinary contestants with the background of 3D design, CG Cartoon, accounting, tea art, legal theory, commercial English, journalism, psychology and finance. The total number of majors is up to 44, breaking the record of our platform.

In the competition, the jury panel consists of emerging Japanese designer Hideo Kambara, founder of Eight Inc. and designer of the first Apple store Tim Kobe, founder and general editor of Xuxuhuasheng Media Group and general editor of Wallpaper China Chuxuan Feng, founder and chairman of Xiao Guan Tea Guoying Du, design and development director of Xiao Guan Tea Wei Di and founder of Young Bird Plan Isa Ye, will evaluate each submission strictly based on criteria evaluations.

Foreign universities (partial list):

Domestic universities (partial list):

Domestic and foreign studios (partial list):


Xiao Guan Tea, a high-end Chinese tea brand with various categories, is born under the trend of Chinese cultural renaissance and consumption upgrading.Xiao Guan Tea expects to directly talk to millennials and generation Z through this competition and accordingly recreate tea-drinking system by cultural and requirement reconstruction. As a result, this will be a start for tea culture in this internet era.

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