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Release Time 2019年4月4日

North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019, initiated and organized by North Design Union and Young Bird Plan, co-organized by Shanghai TACTER Management and Consulting., Ltd., has attracted great attention from architects worldwide upon its release. It arises heated discussions among everyone on key words including large bonus pool, the interdisciplinary jury panel, the attendance of the Pritzker Architecture Prize jury, the rise of northern design power.

Before revealing the shortlist for North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019, let us know firstly these global contestants via multidimensional data statistics and analysis of this competition.

The practitioners in design field are the most harsh space users who pursue the deepest sector. They wander around different information fields and create new space combined with their interpretation. Based on the opportunity of this competition, North Design Union will make a bunch of research and design buildings and campuses, which will push Chentang National Self-innovation Standard Zone to be a design industry gathering cluster with obvious radiation and driving effects. This design scheme’s call for entry requires the contestants to break through the limitation on office space of traditional designers. It brings great difficulty to the contestants and attracts more mature working designers with project experience to participate.

According to statistics, the domestic contestants of this competition comprise 58.3%, while the foreign contestants comprise 41.7%. 44.4% of all the contestants are students who study in universities worldwide, while 55.6% are working architects.

There are contestants who participate in Young Bird Plan for the first time. Some of them come from The Macedonian Empire(a country of Asia Minor and Greece Region), Lithuania(an European country on the east coast of Baltic Sea), Bosnia and Herzegovina(a country in Balkan Peninsula of the Europe), Botswana(an inland country of southern Africa), The Republic of Namibia(a coastal country of Africa), etc. Let’s welcome them with warm applause!

According to statistics, this competition attracts contestants from 210 cities of 50 countries. Except the biggest number of Chinese entrants, this competition has a high profile in countries with design in pioneering level, including USA, Russia, UK, Italy, Turkey, India, Iran, Poland, Columbia, etc.

In aspect of data on entry cities, this competition which bases on Tianjin in response to making Tianjin “City of Design in Northern China”, has been given great attention by contestants of Tianjin. The data shows that there are 27 contestants from Tianjin, which makes Tianjin the forth ranking of the domestic entry cities following Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.

The data on overseas cities shows the highest participation from regions like New York, Moscow, Bhopal, Istanbul, St. Petersburg, etc.

The age distribution of the contestants of this competition is the same as that of past competitions. Most of the contestants are under 30. However, youngsters who are not afraid to challenge the design of North Design Union Headquarters show not only their youth and passion but also more than that.

Among all the contestants, there is a contestant from Republic of North Macedonia, born in 1992, who out of surprise wrote down Ursa Major in the constellation column. According to her CV, she is the CEO and Chief Architect of an office now. How the young people become better than their older generation!

The youngest contestant is 14 years old and comes from UK. The eldest contestant is 63 years old and comes from Columbia. There are 49 years between them. It’s interesting to know how they think differently on architecture design.

This competition has higher criteria on profession, so contestants from major of architecture design comprise nearly 80%. And there are also professional contestants from related majors like environment design and garden design.

There are out of surprise contestants from majors like agriculture trade, Dai language, finance, etc. I peeped at the works of these interdisciplinary contestants which are very attractive in design sense. Wish them good luck!

The interdisciplinary jury panel will grade these shortlisted works strictly according to the above evaluation criteria. Which work will get the attention from Benedetta Tagliabue – the jury of the Pritzker Architecture Prize and Nadim Karam – the artist and architect of Lebanon as well as other jury members? Let us wait for the final result!

Foreign studios (partial list)

Domestic studios (partial list)

Foreign universities (partial list)

According to the data statistics, among the top five rankings of foreign universities, there are GSD which has outputted a large number of soul people in design field, and AA School which possesses the most prestigious influence and is the most pioneering school in the world, as well as first class universities like UCL which surpasses MIT on the QS World University Rankings 2019.  

Domestic universities (partial list)

The top five rankings of domestic universities are the old eight schools in architecture field: Tongji University, Southeast University, Harbin Institute of Technology, Tianjin University and The University of Hong Kong – one of the most prestigious universities in Asia.

Are you itching to see the entries now? Please click the competition page to find the shortlist!

Congratulations to all the shortlisted contestants of North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019. Each of you will be able to download an electronic version of certificate of honor (via website) on the page of “My competitions” after the competition is over!