Matsu Zhongshan R&D Innovation Center—Aggressive designers are wanted

Release Time 2019年3月3日
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Brief Introduction:


Since its inception in 1996, the MATSU Group has been dedicated to providing customers with personalized, high-quality and exquisitely-designed office space solutions. Our wide range of products includes: high quality office furniture, public space furniture, outdoor furniture, LED lighting, office partition systems,carpet and laboratory equipments in an ultimate design, aiming to create an inspiring office lifestyle for our customers.

MATSU has been cooperating with the famous German furniture company Kusch+Co since 2001. In addition, MATSU has developed strategic partnerships with 8 high-end German office furniture companies and built modern production facilities in China to ensure that the sophisticated German craftmanship and strict manufacturing standards run through our whole manufacturing procedure.

The main focus points of MATSU are design, quality, environmental protection and innovation. This all-around pursuit of innovation and best practice achievements is the basis for our company’s goal, represented in our slogan: At MATSU, we aim to provide an “inspiring office lifestyle”.




Designers      Zhongshan, Guangdong

Job description:

  • To assist well-known domestic and foreign designers to contact factory; to help facilitate new product manufacturing and sampling;
  • To independently be responsible for new product design, implementation and related conceptual research;
  • To be responsible for upgrading design and conceptual research of previous MATSU products;
  • To well follow fashion trend in design and innovation; to provide new ideas and visions for product design and user experience in the future.

Job requirements:

  • Bachelor or above-bachelor degree, major in industrial product, furniture or related departments;
  • Proficient in RhynoAuto, CAD, 3D Max and Adobe photoshop and other design softwares; proficient in hand drawing;
  • Young people who are enthusiastic about furniture design and innovation;
  • Cherishing team work and full of responsibility;
  • Good at communicating and presenting.

Opportunities and challenges:

  • To swiftly understand cutting edge industrial dynamics;
  • The opportunity to work with well-known domestic and foreign designers;
  • The opportunity to develop into star designers
  • To get engaged in frontier development (each segment of product manufacturing).


Recent Work: