Jury Panel of Young Bird Plan 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture System Design Competition

Release Time 2018年8月9日

Young Bird Plan 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture System Design Competition has attracted considerable attention in the industry since it was launched on July 13th. The jury panel in this competition features inter-disciplinary professionals as usual. Let’s unveil the heavyweight line-up now.

After graduating from the Media & Design Academy of Genk, Belgium, China based designer Joeri Reynaert entered the industry as a designer for Extremis, a renowned outdoor furniture brand established by Dirk Wynants. Soon he moved to Italy to become a designer for the famous lighting brand Foscarini.

Copenhagen collection: a new office furniture system, a new way of working

As an independent designer he presented his first collection at Interieur 2012, Belgium and Salone del Mobile 2012, Italy, which got published worldwide. After he moved to China and became studio manager for Dirk Wynants design studio in Shanghai, where he established a 4 year undergraduate program. Now Joeri runs his own design studio in Shanghai and teaches at the DeTao Master Academy, transferring his large experience in the market to his students.

Wolfram: a mirror, a lamp, a stand

Being passionate about architecture his entire life, Patrick started as a professional at OMA in 1996. Over the years he has gained vast experience in the field of architecture and design, running his own design studio or being part of larger teams. Working on complex buildings, large interiors and stylish furniture he always stayed true to principals of clarity and simplicity. His designs are timeless and show a love of craftmanship.

To Gather is a sofa system of individual elements, designed to be pieced together creating endless seating combinations that can continually transform. It once won the Interior Innovation Award. 

In 2004 he co-founded Studio Lawrence, a boutique furniture company, focussing on engaging and adaptable furniture. Throughout his career his work has been recognised by his peers and international press. He has received many accolades in the industry, ranging from the German Design award to multiple AIA awards, Best of Year awards from US Interior Design magazine and various innovation awards. He was recognised as one of the most talented designers in Europe Under 40 (40 under 40) and won a cherished Good Design Award, one of the most prestigious global awards design excellence and design Innovation. Patrick taught architecture at Delft University of Technology for many years, writes a by-monthly column about Architecture, Design and Culture in Asia for the leading magazine in the Netherlands.

Harlekino is a range of self-adhesive acoustic wallpaper made of 100% merino wool felt. The traditional harlequin pattern is colourful and designed to make a statement. It is a playful and dynamic piece, designed to improve both aesthetics and acoustics.

Raising Lantern is a series of stacked shades, sculptural compositions with endless possibilities. It is the most extensive, flexible and effortless lighting system to date, and once won Interior Innovation Award/Best of Year Merit Award.

Prof. Xiao Hui Wang lives in both Shanghai and Munich now. She focuses mainly on photography as well as film, video, sculpture, installation, design, media art, and writing. Many of her works are collected by private collectors and public institutions. To date, she has published over fifty books and art catalogues. Her autobiography, My Visual Diary, has been a bestseller for years and won three literature prizes. It has been republished more than 50 times.

My Visual Diary, Prof. Xiao Hui Wang’s autobiography, garnered three literature prizes and was republished more than 50 times. Recently it will be adapted into film.

Part of book covers published by Prof. Xiao Hui Wang 

 ◤Part of art catalogue covers published by Prof. Xiao Hui Wang 

She is a recipient of the Germany-China Friendship Award, issued by the German government, and ATHENA Award, becoming the first Chinese woman who garner this honour. She has also been recognized by Hong Kong’s well-known magazine Phoenix Weekly as one of the “Top Fifty Most Influential Chinese Worldwide”. Moreover, she has cooperated with international brands in various projects. She was also voted “Most Sympathetic Artist”by 2.76 million netizens from NetEase.com.

She is a recipient of ATHENA Award, becoming the first Chinese female who garner this honour

The institutions including Xiao Hui Wang Art Center, Xiao Hui Wang Art Museum, Xiao Hui Wang Art Academy, Xiao Hui Wang Art Space were founded in her honor. And recently she founded Interdisciplinary Institute.

Xiao Hui WANG Art Space, located in Putuo District, Shanghai

Xiao Hui Wang Art Space features a long corridor with a length of 130 meters.

Abstract photography and light art, for BMW, which can also be used as tea tables, 2004

In 1996, 25-year-old Cai Yanguo founded Guangzhou Mingli Furniture Co., Ltd., which is the precursor of MATSU. As the first Chinese furniture company that established cooperation in 2001 with European counterpart, Kusch+co, a renowned German furniture brand, Cai and his team had poured a lot of efforts into studying and brand building, based on honest principle. After that, MATSU has developed strategic partnerships with 8 high-end German companies and built modern production facilities in China to ensure that the sophisticated German craftmanship and strict manufacturing standards run through our whole manufacturing procedure.

Under the guidance of Cai, his team has created more than 150 original products since Matsu’s inception. These products convey his determination to pursue quality design.

22 years have passed since Matsu’s inception, and its founder, Cai still stays true to his philosophies that value originality and innovation. Under his far-sighted guidance, his team has created more than 150 original products which won a plenty of international design awards, such as IF, Red dot, etc., and recognition from thousands of clients, including Benz, Porsche, Johnson & Johnson, Roche, GSK, AECOM, WPP, Lego, Alibaba, Baowu, and so forth. Cai’s insistence and practices on sustainable and eco-friendly development throughout Matsu, from design, materials, production, package, logistics, installation to after-sales service, make Matsu one of the first Chinese furniture brands that achieve GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification, one of the most rigorous standards in the world, and make Matsu Shanghai Flagship store the first Chinese showroom which earns LEED Gold Certification.

◤\Over thousands of projects by Matsu, aiming to make a better life for people.

On the 20th anniversary, Matsu issued a statement, that “Never forget why you start, never compromise with low quality”. Cai’s ambition is to provide more office and life styles, intelligent and artistic, free and efficient spaces, for people.

Shanghai flagship store was designed and reconstructed by anySCALE, a German architecture design company, in 2017.

Isa Ye has bachelor’s degrees in design and marketing and a master’s degree in economics. She is an expert at big-event planning and brand-marketing. Before embarking on her career in the design and media sector, she had worked in the consulting, manufacturing and fashion media industries. What’s more, she had served as publisher of Domus China for ten years, and producer of Green and other publications in collaboration with The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. She has established in-depth collaboration with more than 400 globally renowned companies and prestigious domestic brands.

The most established design magazine in Italy, domus, since its inception in 1928, has grown into one of the world’s most dynamic and influential design publication because of its objective, timely and thorough coverage of the design and art-related developments around the world from unique lenses.


About Young Bird Plan

Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan is an international and professional design competition platform. We boast three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, in order to create endless opportunities for young designers in China.

2013 Trophy Design For Best Design Award

2014 Shekou Prince Bay Kiosk Design Competition,Top 4 entries have been built(Co-organizer: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd.)

2015 In-Between Public Cultural Architecture Design Competition(Co-organizer: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd.)

Young Bird Plan 2016 “bookAbook” Bookend Design(Co-organizer:De Castelli)

On the one hand, adhering to the principle of “making a different world”, we are dedicated to offer practice opportunities for our followers.

Young Bird Plan “Halo” Smart Signage Design Competition 2017(Co-organizer:China Fortune Properties)

Young Bird Plan “Shade-scape” Sunshade Pattern Design Competition 2017(Co-organizer:Sunbrella)

Young Bird Plan “Shade-scape” Sunshade Pattern Design Competition 2017 Season 2(Co-organizer: Sunbrella)

On the other hand, we also bridge the gaps between designers and producers, developers, urban operators, users, based on thorough analysis of all players’ needs. As one of the most influential design competition platform around the world, we are committed to propelling the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and daily life, making contributions to the development of urbanization in China.

Young Bird Plan 2018 Suichang Neo-toilet International Design Competition,Top 5 entries will be built (Co-organizer:Lelin,People’s Government of Suichang County)  


Influence of Young Bird Plan

Since its inception, Young Bird Plan has propelled the realization of a host of projects and products in its competition which focuses on urban spaces and daily life. It has expanded its global presence on the basis of efficient dissemination promoted by our platforms. And so far, Young Bird Plan has attracted a total of more than 6,708 submissions from 642 colleges and universities and 2,737 design firms in 45 countries.

Group photos of previous judges and mentors. Young Bird Plan maintains close contacts and cooperation with global architects, design colleges, universities, and organizations, by launching different design-related competitions every year.

Submission Deadline: 24:00, 17th September 2018 (GMT+8)

Please register by logging into our website www.youngbirdplan.com.cn and download the information kit by clicking the image below.

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