Jury Panel Announced! On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition in Yongchuan District Chongqing City

Release Time 2018年10月19日

Young Bird Plan 2018 On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition attracts invites seven inter-disciplinary elites as the judges. Let’s discover the jury line-up now.

Zhang Hai’ao, Doctor of Architecture in Tongji University, general manager assistant of Shanghai Huadu Architecture and Urban Design Group and Grade-1 Registered architect.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing project lead by Zhang Hai’ao won several awards including the Luban Prize for Construction Project in 2015 and Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize in 2015

Zhang Hai’ao also leads plenty of landmark architectural projects both at home and abroad as the leading designer of Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing project which is a main building for APEC summit. Besides, he is the first Chinese architect who endorses international high-end brand by cooperating with France brand DS.

The reconstruction project of “stacks container boxes into a transformable smart home” won the Best Creation Prize of ASSC

Zhang Hai’ao has successively participated in an architectural reconstruction TV program “A Warm New Home” organized by BTV-1,which has caught eyes of audience and arouse hot discussion, especially his work like “transformable smart house in Beijing”, “stacks container boxes into a transformable smart home” and “vertical garden in Shanghai”. Above projects respectively won IF Design Award, The Plan Award, the best design of Red Dot and the most innovative project horned by the Architectural Society of Shanghai.

The project of “Mulan weichang” designed by Zhang Hai’ao in TV show “Beautiful Houses” gained an overall 800 million video views,  over 2.55 billion Weibo views and covered about 750 million people, which became the hottest topic on media platform in 2017.

In 2017, he took part in the architectural TV program “Beautiful Houses” organized Zhejiang TV along with TV stars like Daniel Wu. And his project “Mulan weichang” which is located in the northeast of Hebei province was nominated for RIBA the Stirling Prize and awarded the best design of 2018 Red Dot. Therefore, on behalf of Chinese architects, he made a theme speech in Venice Architecture Biennale.


Hasegawa Itsuko is one of the most popular world-class landscape architect. She gained her bachelor degree in Kanto Gakuin University and master degree in Tokyo Institute of Technology. In 1979 she established Itsuko Hasegawa Atelier.

In recent 10 years, she has formed the concept of social architecture in her own way through different architectural works.

Suzu Performing Arts Centre,2006: soft wave floating over glass cylinder roof makes people happy.

Through whole career, Itsuko Hasegawa won various awards both at home and abroad: in 1986 she received the Design Prize from the Architectural Institute of Japan and earned a Japan Cultural Design Award. In 1997 she was elected as one of the Honorary Fellows of RIBA.  In 1998 she won VII Edition of the International Biennial of Architecture BA/98. In 2001 she received the Honorary Degree Award at University College London. In 2006 she was elected as one of the Honorary Fellows of AIA. In 2008, she won the first prize in competition of Point d’Issy, France.

Takarazuka Garden Village is an environmental friendly garden village. In it, housing unit is built slantly to keep each unit with one garden, which contributing to a garden network.

Recently, Itsuko Hasegawa received the first edition of Royal Academy Architecture Prize.

City Performing Arts Center “Ryutopia”and Hakusan Park won several awards including BCS Award, Niigata Urban Landscape Award and 9th edition of Public Building Association Award. The arts center is a large-scale public cultural facility with mixed functions.

In addition, she is invited as a guest professor of Waseda University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Kyushu University, Harvard University and Kanto Gakuin University.

Yonnosaka terrace, located in old residential block of Shinjuku ku, take advantage of the ancient trees to create unique landscape which also protects the environment.

In architecture, the relationship between design and practical utilization is both independent and contradictive. Itsuko Hasegawa intends to create a balance between them through her architectural design. So the highlight of society makes her work more public and creates a more open architectural fashion.

Born in Taiwan and educated in the United States, Liu Yuyang received his Master in Architecture from Harvard University Graduate School of Design and his B.A. in Urban Studies and Planning from the University of California, San Diego. While at Harvard, Mr. Liu conducted his thesis under Prof. Rem Koolhaas and co-authored the “Great Leap Forward”— a seminal work on the urbanisation of China’s Pearl River Delta, published by Taschen and 010 Publishers in 2001.

Yun House Boutique Eco-Resort designed by Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects keeps the balance between traditional farming surroundings and modern life, which brings convenience and enjoyable scenery to visitors.

Having held a number of professional and academic positions in U.S and Hong Kong, Mr. Liu established the Shanghai-based Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects in 2007 regarded as one of the leading architectural studios in China with an emergent global recognition.

Beijing Cidi Menmo iTown, located in suburban of Beijing was transformed from ruined warehouse. This secret urban garden is activated through space reconstruction, quality improvement and creative industries introduction.

Apart from leading the studio, Mr. Liu is also worked as academic committee of ASSC, consultant architect of Planning and Land Resources Administration of Qingpu District, Shanghai Municipality, vice-professor of architecture school in Hong Kong University, and special professor in Tongji University. Besides, he has been involved extensively in teaching, lecture, exhibition and curatorial works for a long time.

Though a service pavilion is the smallest urban architecture, it has multiple functions. The service pavilion designed by Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects in Huangpu District, Shanghai is the most important part in the process of planning towards space and building on the walking street.

Mr. Yuyang Liu has created plenty of master designs including Shanghai MOCA, Qingpu Environment Monitoring Station, Riverfront Aite Park, Beijing Cidi Menmo iTown, Yun House Boutique Eco-Resort in Guangxi Province, Yoga pavilions and swimming pools, Shanghai Tongji University Experimental Elementary School and Vanke Experimental Kindergarten, all of which are future-oriented and deserved to be further studied.

Mingsheng Wharf is a landscape design, which connects with Yang Jing Gang Bridge in the east and Mingsheng Ferry Station in the west, while also connects with Binjiang Greenland. By designing three different pathways like walking way, running way and riding way, the wharf create abundant roaming experience. Co-existence of new and old landscape was adopted, which both preserves original space uniqueness and introduces new space for activities.

Fache Gao, director of the professional Committee of Public Toilet Construction Management affiliated with China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation, vice-chairman of Shandong Association of Urban Management, chairman of Jinan Association of Urban Environment, head of Jinan Environmental Sanitation Science Research Institute, environmental protection specialist in Shandong Province, sanitarian city building specialist in Shandong Province and waste dealing specialist in Shandong Province.

Fache Gao (second person from right) participated in 2018 toilet revolution summit meeting in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Fache Gao made a speech in 11th edition of Shandong Sanitation Exhibition in 2018

Founded in 2003, Public Toilet Construction Management Committee of China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation is an organization in public toilet industry approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs, which is affiliated with CAEPI. This committee positively takes part in world summit meetings of public toilet matters and shows their opinion on the design, construction and experience of public toilets. Besides, they are involved in toilets recommendation and evaluation. With the mission of serving for government, society, industry and people, the committee makes every effort to promote public revolution and improve toilet service quality.

Juzhen Li, founder and chief mentor of Pears Foundation, co-founder of Huiyo online market, consultant of government, chamber of commerce and enterprise investment, entrepreneurship mentor. He has succeeded in planning several large-scale industrial parks, which earns him the title of outstanding worker in promoting the cooperation among production, education and research.

Luoyuan Village – the trial village where the first project of beautiful village construction was launched in China.

In 2011, Juzhen Li released an activity of beautifying the village in his hometown Meichow, Guangdong Province. In 2012, PEARS was organized by Mr. Li to explore the solution of dealing with waste in villages. In November, 2014, the first trial project of beautiful village construction was launched. In 2015, Mr. Li established PEARS Foundation to promote village rejuvenation.

In recent 6 years, the organization begins its implement in small towns with the principle of non-profit promotion, government guidance, villages’ initiative, internal motivation and social effort. Based on that, 16 villages in China including Foshan City, Meichow, Huizhou City, etc. are under construction. At the same time, Mr. Li plans several village brand establishment projects like “Toilet Revolution in Villages”. All his efforts contribute to useful experience for village construction, which also set a good example and are followed by more and more people.

In August 28, 2018, non-profit united initiative of toilet revolution was launched by PEARS Foundation

The non-profit united initiative of toilet revolution builds a mode of common construction, management and sharing. Under the guidance of government, many companies join in this public service including Chongqing City, Meichow, Baotou and Tungkun.


Daihua Zhong was born in Yongchuan District, Chongqing, China. He is vice-chairman of CPPCC in Yongchuan District, committee chairperson of Yongchuan District, chairman of Yongchuan Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the member of China Writers Association, vice-president of Chongqing Writers Association. He is also a poet and writer of children’s literature. He was horned of Young Cultural Celebrity by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China.

Masterpieces of Daihua Zhong

Daihua Zhong has won a series of famous awards like Song Ching Ling Children’s Literature Award and Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award. Mr. Zhong has also published eight poem collections and children’s literature collections. His works is widely spread among children and have a great impact on them.


Graduated from Shaanxi University of Science & Technology, Lixing Yang works as a senior engineer. He is a representative in the field pipeline construction research, a top specialist of China Building and Ceramics Association and vice-chairman of Guangdong Construction And Decoration Materials Association. With years’ working experience in foreign companies, Mr. Yang works as general manager of Bathroom Design Service Department of Dongpeng Group.

For more than 20 years, Yang Lixin has devoted himself to the research of sanitary ceramics technology, and has repeatedly benchmarked the core technology of ceramic products in the sanitary industry, which lead the trend of the sanitary ceramics industry. Beyond his leadership, the “flash lightning” technology for toilets was developed by cooperating with the top bathroom brand research laboratory in North America. And the new technology enjoys a high reputation in China. Besides, C-type pipe technology was invented for the first time, which developed a successful Oscar toilet with an annual sales volume of 200,000 sets of sales myths. Furthermore, the new water-saving toilet developed by the core R&D team is the first in the country to pass the first-class water efficiency certification. In addition, “super-hydrophilic” and “super-hydrophobic” glaze technology has reached the world-class glaze level, and nano-coating faucet technology was newly invented. He also led the team to develop the bubble shield, super-light shield intelligent toilet technology, which won the national technology patent certification.

With more than 5,000 retailers, the businesses of Dong Peng Group cover the whole country and even globally expand to 106 countries. Depending on its strong ability of innovating and developing new products and its wide sales network and perfect supply chain, Dong Peng Group offers customers the most fashionable, qualified and convenient one-stop service of household products.

Founded in 1972, Dong Peng Group holds the most significant brand of China’s Building Ceramic Industry and continues to expand its business to bathroom design service, floors and furnishing. On behalf of China, Dong Peng has attended Bologna Exhibition for successive 5 yesrs and becomes the largest dealer of REX (an Italy brand) and Grespania (a Spainbrand) in China, while in 2014 Dong Peng acquired innoci, a high-end Germanybath brand. Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited was successfully listed in HongKong Main Board, and became the first ceramic tile company listed in Hongkong,which is also honored as the only signal brand for 12 years in succession and one of Asia’s 500 most valuable brands.

Isa Ye has bachelor’s degrees in design and marketing and a master’s degree in economics. She is an expert at big-event planning and brand-marketing. Before embarking on her career in the design and media sector, she had worked in the consulting, manufacturing and fashion media industries. What’s more, she had served as publisher of Domus China for ten years, and producer of Green and other publications in collaboration with The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. She has established in-depth collaboration with more than 400 globally renowned companies and prestigious domestic brands.

The most established design magazine in Italy, domus, since its inception in 1928, has grown into one of the world’s most dynamic and influential design publication because of its objective, timely and thorough coverage of the design and art-related developments around the world from unique lenses.


About Young Bird Plan & Its Influence:

Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan is an international and professional design competition platform. We boast three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, in order to create endless opportunities for young designers in China.

Since its inception, Young Bird Plan has propelled the realization of a host of projects and products in its competition which focuses on urban spaces and daily life. It has expanded its global presence on the basis of efficient dissemination promoted by our platforms. And so far, Young Bird Plan has attracted a total of more than 6,708 submissions from 642 colleges and universities and 2,737 design firms in 45 countries.

On the one hand, adhering to the principle of “making a different world”, we are dedicated to offer practice opportunities for our followers. On the other hand, we also bridge the gaps between designers and producers, developers, urban operators, users, based on thorough analysis of all players’ needs. As one of the most influential design competition platform around the world, we are committed to propelling the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and daily life, making contributions to the development of urbanization in China.

Group photos of previous judges and mentors. Young Bird Plan maintains close contacts and cooperation with global architects, design colleges, universities, and organizations, by launching different design-related competitions every year.

*Architectural Design*

Young Bird Plan 2018 Suichang Neo-toilet International Design Competition,Top 5 entries will be built (Co-organizer:Lelin,People’s Government of Suichang County)  

Young Bird Plan “Halo” Smart Signage Design Competition 2017 (Co-organizer:China Fortune Properties)

2015 In-Between Public Cultural Architecture Design Competition(Co-organizer: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd.)

2014 Shekou Prince Bay Kiosk Design Competition,Top 4 entries have been built(Co-organizer: China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone Holdings Co., Ltd.)


*Fabric Design*

Young Bird Plan “Shade-scape” Sunshade Pattern Design Competition 2017 Season 2(Co-organizer: Sunbrella)

Young Bird Plan “Shade-scape” Sunshade Pattern Design Competition 2017(Co-organizer:Sunbrella)


*Industrial Design*

Young Bird Plan 2016 “bookAbook” Bookend Design(Co-organizer:De Castelli)

2013 Trophy Design For Best Design Award

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