Jury line-up Announced! Benedetta Tagliabue Joins in the Panel

Release Time 2019年1月28日

N/A, the letter N represents North Design Union, which is also the first letter of Chinese character NA and means the wise man listens to all sides. The blue background is designed to express the meaning of the ocean, while the colorful waves with different features race each other in vast oceans and move forward hand in hand. Just like enterprises in North Design Union, they learn widely from others’ strong points and bloom together while also reach a powerful combination. Besides, colorful waves also represent freshness, which means more and more innovative designers and enterprises will join North Design Union and fresh blood will be injected.

By cooperating with Young Bird Plan (an international competition platform), the union expects to attract more design institutes and designers in order to strengthen its foundation. Meanwhile, with the aim of innovation, integration and mutual benefit, North Design Union is eager to create a union center integrating industry giants in North China.

North Design Union Headquarters – Architecture Design Competition 2019 was launched on December 24th, 2018. This competition calls for design schemes for the headquarters with multifunctional space, overall completion and high quality. Based on that, organizers expect to create a globally influential regional design center through this competition. Meanwhile, by integrating the space and industrial resources, designers shall explore and further discover how to build an innovative complex headquarters building in order to create a space for industries clusters in Chentang Slef Innovation Demonstration District.

This competition invites seven inter-disciplinary elites as the judges. Let’s unveil the jury panel now.

Benedetta Tagliabue, from Barcelona, Spain, is co-founder and CEO of Miralles Tagliabue EMBT. The studio was founded in 1994 in collaboration with Enric Miralles based in Barcelona and since 2010 in Shanghai.

The new headquarters of Gas Natural is a tower of 22 stories, 86 meters high. EMBT created this project for the company in the Barcelona neighbourhood, very close to the seafront. The project called to design a unique tower capable of enriching the city skyline and also respecting the small dimensions of the buildings that make up the district of Barceloneta, an area where fishermen families’ houses coexist with five-story apartment blocks.(©Jordi Miralles)

Born in Italy, Benedetta Tagliabue studied architecture at the Istituto di Architettura di Venezia. Meanwhile, she is also the director of the Enric Miralles Foundation, whose goal is to promote experimental architecture in the spirit of her late husband and partner Enric Miralles.

The Spanish Pavilion for the 2010 World Expo of Shanghai designed by EMBT.(©Roland Halbe)

Benedatta Tagliabue emphasizes on surrounding environment in her poetic architectural design. Her work received the RIBA Stirling Prize in 2005, the National Spanish Prize in 2006, the Catalan National Prize in 2002, City of Barcelona Prize in 2005 and 2009, FAD prizes in 2000, 2003 and 2007.

She received the RIBA Jencks Award, which is given annually to an individual or practice that has recently made a major contribution internationally to both the theory and practice of architecture.

The dome ‘LOVE IT’ for Expo Milano 2015 designed by EMBT. (©Marcela Grassi)

Among her most notable projects built are the Edinburgh Parliament, Diagonal Mar Park, the Santa Caterina market in Barcelona, Campus Universitario de Vigo, and the Spanish Pavilion at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo which was awarded the prestigious RIBA International “Best International Building of 2011” Award.

Current studio projects include the Business School of Fudan University in Shanghai, office towers in Xiamen and Taichung, public spaces of Hafen City in Hamburg Germany, and the metro station Clichy-Montfermeil in Paris, France (1stprize in competition).

Santa Caterina Market Barcelona, Spain. EMBT won the bid in a competition opened to restore the Santa Caterina city market in 1997 and finished the project in 2005. (©Roland Halbe)

Her studio works in the fields of architecture, design of public spaces, rehabilitation, interior and industrial design. Her poetic architecture, always attentive to its context, has won international awards in the fields of public space and design.

In the teaching field, she has been a visiting professor at Harvard University, Columbia University and Barcelona ETSAB, lecturing regularly at architecture forums and universities, and is part of jurors around the world, e.g. the Principe de Asturias awards an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

In 1998 EMBT won the bid to design the new Edinburgh Parliament building and finished the project in 2004. (©苏格兰议会)

Nadim Karam- an artist and architect working from Beirut- initially trained in architecture at the American University of Beirut then earned a doctorate in architecture from the University of Tokyo, Japan. He has recently finished building his own workshop, A.MUSE.UM in the Lebanese mountains, which will be also used as a platform for art, research and exhibitions.

With Atelier Hapsitus, the pluri-disciplinary group he founded in 1996, he has realized temporary and permanent urban interventions in cities worldwide Prague, Beirut, Melbourne, Tokyo, Nara, London, Kuwait and Yerevan, using public art as an instrument for urban stimulation. Based on a cross-fertilization of disciplines and nationalities, the twenty-year-old practice has a multidisciplinary composition, which feeds into the experimental nature of its work. He has held academic positions in Tokyo and Beirut, gives lectures internationally and has published several books.

Inspired by the nomads whose travels followed the borderless movement of clouds, The Cloud of Dubai is a landscape-in-the-sky, a public garden in visual antithesis to the sum of skyscrapers spreading over the city.

The Elephant City-Diagram- The idea of a moving city was born. The elephant becomes a moving living machine, a carrier of a new kind of urbanity.

His research focuses on the conviction that cities need to dream; he re-examines contextual issues with global significance and relevancy, and his work engages in enhancing perceptions of pluralism and difference within a society as a source of enrichment rather than a reason for conflict. Karam considers that the role of the artist is to provoke this dream by injecting art into still structures and urban contexts. He says that “[in the city] Memories of the past were shaped into cultures. It is up to us to sustain the stories of the past and create new stories that fuse with the unique sounds, views, smells, tastes and textures of our cities.”

Winner of the BLC Headquarters competition, 2011

Nadim Karam was selected in 2002 by the UN as co-chairman of the conference on the reconstruction of Kabul and by the first Rotterdam Biennale as the curator for Lebanon. The artist has been commissioned to create large-scale urban art installations for cities across the globe and has participated in international biennales. He has received many awards; in 2002 for The Archaic Procession project in Beirut, which was one of five selected worldwide by the Van Alen Institute in New York to highlight the role they played in the rejuvenation of city life and morale after a disaster. He also received awards for his 2006 work commissioned by Victoria State and the city of Melbourne, The Travelers, which recounts the story of the Aborigines and of the migrants in Melbourne.

Hiatus- Karam’s approach in this proposed project is to engage with the highway through the façade expression, gain access to sea and mountain views through the large balconies, and create a vertical gap garden to link the Zokak El-Blat hill to the sea.

A.MUSE.UM interior space- The Muse has been designed as an inverted architecture and integrated landscape, bringing back the terraces and emphasizing the old architecture of the traditional house above it.

Mr. Tielin Zhu is executive architect of Tianjin Architecture Design Institute, a professional designer in Tianjin Engineering Investigation Design Co., Ltd, a specialist who enjoys special government allowances of the State Council, a professorate senior architect and Grade-1 registered architect. He has won World Youth Chinese Architects Awards and Youth Architect Awards of Architectural Society of China. And his projects like Tianjin Television Digital TV Building, Tianjin Digital Radio Building, Tianjin Galaxy Mall, Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center and Tianjin Emperor Place won over 30 awards totally.

Tianjin Television Digital TV Building combine functions of programme record and broadcast, which is an advanced mode in China. Accordingly, each studio is arranged in an ascending spiral so that they do not impact on each other. There are green areas creating colorful interior spaces. And then the green environment, fresh air and sunshine are introduced into interior spaces.
Tianjin Television Media Art Center consists of TV theater, star-level hotel and office building. The exterior cultural gallery is designed in an ascending spiral which guides visitors to sightseeing platform on different floors. Besides, the gallery is connected with resting rooms which balances the architecture and landscape surroundings.

Tianjin Emperor Place represents Nanjing Road in Tianjin. It is brief in shape and looks tall and straight which show its modernization and high tech. Westin Hotel is the highest building in Tianjin Emperor Place, connecting CBD district and the Exchange Mall building clusters.

Tianjin Galaxy Mall plays an important role in Tianjin cultural center. It contributes to an overall public urban image together with other cultural architecture like museum, art museum and library, which creates a unique commercial space with combination of nature and culture, fashion and entertainment, social communication and contemplation.

Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center is a permanent place for Summer Davos Forum. The architecture is designed with brief style and its functional spaces in order based on regional surroundings and characteristics of international large-scale convention and exhibition architecture.

Mr. Zhongpeng Wang is director of Administration Committee of Tianjin Chentang Science and Technology Commercial District, secretary-general of NDU and a senior engineer. During his career, he engaged in various business from urban construction, projects verification to regional planning, investment attraction, industrial platforms construction and infrastructure construction. Besides, he also promoted the establishment of North Design Union and released supported policies by cooperating with Hexi District in order to develop design industries and realize economic update in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province.

This site of this competition is located in Chentang Science and Technology Commercial District, which will become the headquarters of North Design Union as a platform for innovation and development of design industries.

Rendering of Chentang Science and Technology Commercial District planning

Service center of Chentang Science and Technology Commercial District

Mr. Boshan Zhu is general manager of Shanghai TACTER Management and Consulting., Ltd and standing vice-chairman of Shanghai Consulting Trade Association. He is also a famous specialist in state-asset and state-owned enterprises revolution and corporation management consultant, a certified management consultant and a registered consultant in Shanghai. He has engaged in state-owned and private enterprises reform, research and practical operation on the reform of engineering design industry.

Mr. Boshan Zhu made a theme speech on a strategy forum in 2018

Mr. Boshan Zhu has been invited by State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council to join in researches on related projects and policies for several times and lead relative business. Besides, he has been involved in 5-year plan for industry development of Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shenzhen and Wuhan.

Boshan Zhu made a theme speech

Furthermore, he has published hundreds of professional articles about the reform and development of enterprises on various magazines and media platforms with plenty of mainstream financial media interviews. And he has made hundreds of professional reports for associations, universities and colleges, local governments and large-scale enterprises for successive years.

Isa Ye has bachelor’s degrees in design and marketing and a master’s degree in economics. She is an expert at big-event planning and brand-marketing. Before embarking on her career in the design and media sector, she had worked in the consulting, manufacturing and fashion media industries. What’s more, she had served as publisher of Domus China for ten years, and producer of Green and other publications in collaboration with The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development. She has established in-depth collaboration with more than 400 globally renowned companies and prestigious domestic brands.

◤The most established design magazine in Italy, domus, since its inception in 1928, has grown into one of the world’s most dynamic and influential design publication because of its objective, timely and thorough coverage of the design and art-related developments around the world from unique lenses.

About Young Bird Plan & Its Influence:

Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan is an international and professional design competition platform. We boast three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, in order to create endless opportunities for young designers in China.

Since its inception, Young Bird Plan has propelled the realization of a host of projects and products in its competition which focuses on urban spaces and daily life. It has expanded its global presence on the basis of efficient dissemination promoted by our platforms. And so far, Young Bird Plan has attracted a total of more than 6,708 submissions from 879 colleges and universities and 3388 design firms in 54 countries.

◤Group photos of previous judges and mentors. Young Bird Plan maintains close contacts and cooperation with global architects, design colleges, universities, and organizations, by launching different design-related competitions every year.

On the one hand, adhering to the principle of “making a different world”, we are dedicated to offer practice opportunities for our followers. On the other hand, we also bridge the gaps between designers and producers, developers, urban operators, users, based on thorough analysis of all players’ needs. As one of the most influential design competition platform around the world, we are committed to propelling the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and daily life, making contributions to the development of urbanization in China.

So far, we have cooperated with many governments, development agencies and international brands, such as Suichang County of Zhejiang Province,  Yongchuan District Chongqing City, Suzhou High-tech Zone, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, Vanke, China Fortune, West Bund, Leling, Sunbrella, DeCastelli, Matsu, XiaoGuanTea, DongPeng, etc.

You can look over the full resume of Isa Ye on the official website of YoungBirdPlan

Ziyu Zhuang gained his master’s degree of Architecture and Urban Design in Columbia University, USA learning from BernardTschumi and Kenneth Frampton, and at the same time he was awarded WilliamF. Kinne Travelling Research Fellowship. And then he founded RSAA Beijing office with several well-known German architects in 2010 after working in César Pelli Studio for years.

In today’s architectural practice in China, tradition and modernity are interwoven and coexist together, just like this Tongling Recluse. To look at the tallest tree survived in this village, the designer Ziyu Zhuang and the owner Daniel Wu determined to divide this residual wall into two parts. The middle part was used as a courtyard where we can admire the stars at night and the water from four directions can flow into it. The eaves divided the two ridges in different materials parallel to the mountains. The towering surviving tree and old village were included into our Tongling Recluse.

His Jining Cultural Center was awarded the BIM Award of China Engineering & Consulting Association in 2016, Zhangjiagang Church was awarded Architizer A+ Award in New York City in 2017. Ziyu Zhuang won the Design and Art Achievement Award, one of the top prize of China Building Decoration Association in 2017. In the next year, Tongling Recluse was one of Archdaily’s Top 10 annual Architecture projects. What’s more, it won Reddot award,IDEAT Future Award,Gold A’Design Award and Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Architecture-Best of Best in 2018.

The ZhangJiaGang Church is an architecture which shows respect for the past and pay tribute to the future.

Nanjing Five Seasons Jinling Hotel is an architecture with multiple functions, which is expected to make a breakthrough by design. Taking full advantage of surroundings, the architecture connects all spaces and makes a perfect bridge between natural condition in the west and urban layouts in the east. The overall spatial arrangement shows great eastern design features and atmosphere.

The Chinese-German office RSAA/ Buro Ziyu Zhuang just renovated their office in Beijing central axis. Courtyard No. 7 is a project right next to the tallest ancient landmarks of Beijing for over 600 years – Drum Tower and Bell Tower, and it is adopted from a traditional Beijing-style courtyard – Siheyuan in Dongjiaogan Hutong.

In 2017, RSAA, together with Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl was appointed by Zhukuan Group to make an urban design scheme for central business district in Guangzhou and create waterfront landscape with new ecology.

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