Wenhua Zhang, Director of Administrative Committee of Suichang Provincial-level Tourist Resort, Senior Engineer, graduated from Department of Architectural Engineering of Hainan University with a degree in Civil Engineering. He once served as Chief Engineer in Suichang Tourism Committee, Dean of Urban and Rural Planning & Architectural Design Institute. He has engaged in planning, design and project management for a long time, and devoted himself to urban renewal, urban and rural development, tourist project development and key project management.Duringhis tenure as Chief Engineer, he steered to draft a series of plans, including the 13th Five-Year Plan for Suichang Tourism Development, 5A Promotion Plan for Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park, and General Plan for Suichang Provincial-level Tourist Resort, as beacons for the development of Suichang Tourism projects. A batch of important and new commercial buildings is constructed, such as Kaixin Kaiyuan Luxury Hotel, Changlian Ancient Dwelling Culture Street, Baima Mountain Forest Town, and Guanju Town in Tang Xianzu Traditional Opera Town.

Suichang Provincial-level Tourist Resort

Changlian Ancient Dwelling Culture Street