Mr. Tielin Zhu is executive architect of Tianjin Architecture Design Institute, a professional designer in Tianjin Engineering Investigation Design Co., Ltd, a specialist who enjoys special government allowances of the State Council, a professorate senior architect and Grade-1 registered architect. He has won World Youth Chinese Architects Awards and Youth Architect Awards of Architectural Society of China. And his projects like Tianjin Television Digital TV Building, Tianjin Digital Radio Building, Tianjin Galaxy Mall, Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center and Tianjin Emperor Place won over 30 awards totally.

Tianjin Television Digital TV Building combine functions of programme record and broadcast, which is an advanced mode in China. Accordingly, each studio is arranged in an ascending spiral so that they do not impact on each other. There are green areas creating colorful interior spaces. And then the green environment, fresh air and sunshine are introduced into interior spaces.
Tianjin Television Media Art Center consists of TV theater, star-level hotel and office building. The exterior cultural gallery is designed in an ascending spiral which guides visitors to sightseeing platform on different floors. Besides, the gallery is connected with resting rooms which balances the architecture and landscape surroundings.

Tianjin Emperor Place represents Nanjing Road in Tianjin. It is brief in shape and looks tall and straight which show its modernization and high tech. Westin Hotel is the highest building in Tianjin Emperor Place, connecting CBD district and the Exchange Mall building clusters.

Tianjin Galaxy Mall plays an important role in Tianjin cultural center. It contributes to an overall public urban image together with other cultural architecture like museum, art museum and library, which creates a unique commercial space with combination of nature and culture, fashion and entertainment, social communication and contemplation.

Tianjin Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center is a permanent place for Summer Davos Forum. The architecture is designed with brief style and its functional spaces in order based on regional surroundings and characteristics of international large-scale convention and exhibition architecture.