Being passionate about architecture his entire life, Patrick started as a professional at OMA in 1996. Over the years he has gained vast experience in the field of architecture and design, running his own design studio or being part of larger teams. Working on complex buildings, large interiors and stylish furniture he always stayed true to principals of clarity and simplicity. His designs are timeless and show a love of craftmanship.

To Gather is a sofa system of individual elements, designed to be pieced together creating endless seating combinations that can continually transform. It once won the Interior Innovation Award. 

In 2004 he co-founded Studio Lawrence, a boutique furniture company, focussing on engaging and adaptable furniture. Throughout his career his work has been recognised by his peers and international press. He has received many accolades in the industry, ranging from the German Design award to multiple AIA awards, Best of Year awards from US Interior Design magazine and various innovation awards. He was recognised as one of the most talented designers in Europe Under 40 (40 under 40) and won a cherished Good Design Award, one of the most prestigious global awards design excellence and design Innovation. Patrick taught architecture at Delft University of Technology for many years, writes a by-monthly column about Architecture, Design and Culture in Asia for the leading magazine in the Netherlands.

Harlekino is a range of self-adhesive acoustic wallpaper made of 100% merino wool felt. The traditional harlequin pattern is colourful and designed to make a statement. It is a playful and dynamic piece, designed to improve both aesthetics and acoustics.

Raising Lantern is a series of stacked shades, sculptural compositions with endless possibilities. It is the most extensive, flexible and effortless lighting system to date, and once won Interior Innovation Award/Best of Year Merit Award.