Graduated from School of Business Renmin University of China in 1984, Ray Luo has accumulated considerable work experience over 33 years. He has immersed himself in many businesses, including National Development and Reform Commission, Hutchison Whampoa Limited, Towngas, Sinolink Properties Limited, Shenzhen Cheng Pin Properties Limited, and so on. As a former leader in the artistic real estate, he is silent about his past glories and dedicated to pursuing cultural dreams and passions. He has poured continuous efforts to support Adream charitable activities focusing on rural children education, Orbis International Initiative, Caring for Veterans, and art exhibitions and films by different artists. He was awarded the Best Art Sponsor of the Year by 21Jingji.

Leliving was founded in 2016, aiming at providing global services for its members, including temporary residence, and rich life experience. It has integrated the business of recreation, travel, internet, finance and public interest. By conducting in-depth research into local historic and cultural backgrounds, Leliving has built boutique manors and displayed the diversity of life around the world, in order to attract people who have the same values with Leliving, namely, health, nature, wonderfulness, share and original intention, to experience the wonderful moments and richness of life.

Leliving is about to spend ten years in building 100 to 200 boutique manors which contain a variety of life scenes, in developing and designing characteristic services to provide particular life experience, and in involving 50,000 to 100,000 members who emphasize the quality and value of life into its club. It is committed to offering its members with “best scenery, best life, best partner”, and becoming a value innovator and a standard setter in the field of lifestyle. Leliving is born to flavor your life! 

Qi Shan Xiayin Manor is located at Suichang tea plantation village

Craig Au-Yeung Ying Chai (far-left), a gourmet, making food with villagers

James Wei Ke (in yellow clothes), a Chinese American architect, working in the village