Interview with Top 10 Contestants of 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition

Release Time 2018年11月16日

Every design is a process from scratch. It is very precious for us to interview top 10 contestants in the 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition. Let’s see how do they feel about the competition and their works.


Registration number: YB35852-G41276

Dominika Majewska,Megan Krahn

Information: Denmark,Designskolen Kolding

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

Dominika is originally from Poland and has a background in Graphic Design studies; she is passionate about biomaterials and sustainability. Megan is Canadian and has a background in Environmental Design studies; she is passionate about the confluence of politics and economics in urban design. Our personal approach to the design process is to say yes to everything and explore, test and iterate before editing and refining, to be unrestrained in ideation and open to all methods and modes of working from 3D sketching to prototyping to field research and so forth.

We participated in this competition because we feel as though office spaces are an emerging and evolving design space that offers a rich arena to challenge and reflect on past archetypes and traditions. The platform of a competition allows us to test our idea in a public sphere with judges that can provide feedback and help further our project.



Registration number: YB35852-G41397

Fabio Annunziata,Federico Tinti

Information: Italy,Politecnico di Milano,Università degli Studi di Firenze 

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

We work all over Europe and Russia. We won several competition and our project are published in some magazine and books. We like overtime to work on the in-between. To read things in a different way, between order and disorder, art and design. We apply to improve our research and materialize it. We basically love competition, and the interesting thing about that one is the long countdown to the first position.


TOP3.Play, Party, Work

Registration number: YB35852-G36781

Anna Wręga,Kaja Nosal

Information: Polska,Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw,Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice 

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

The wide range of competences allows us to work on the projects from architecture scale to product, jewellery and graphic design. We’ve met on a design workshop in Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw. A year ago we established ONTO studio. ONTO from Greek means honey.

What’s really impressing in the top projects is the out of box thinking. It is great to compare ourselves with other designers’ point of view. Our experience in creating the project was mainly thinking through the whole topic of how people work, how they go to offices every day, sit by desk, what harm does it to our bodies, our creativity and mental health. Seeing all the interesting projects I see the whole new way of how offices changed recently and how that’s going to evaluate.

Interview with Top 10 Contestants of 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition:

The entries are arranged by the order of registration number rather than ranking.

TOP10.Rail Office Wall System

Registration number: YB35852-S17936

Fatih Koçoğlu

Information: Turkey,Eskisehir Anatolian University

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

I am interested in designing intuitive, responsive, experimental and story-telling interiors and products .That is why I participated in this competition. I focused on how far I could go as I design a modular structure and how different can a modular furniture be conceived, thought etc.? While I was immersed in such thoughts, I was walking on my way by a railway back to home. And I said to myself ”Why not? Why don’t I design a modular wall system inspired by a railway which can provide mobility and being transformable? I can admit that this was the starting point of “RAIL”.

Understanding of MATSU product:

I had some knowledge about Matsu Group’s furniture because I saw some products designed by designers such as Jean Nouvel and Karim Rashid on web. I am very interested in modular structure both in architecture and products. Regarding opinion on modular office furniture; I think as designers we can adopt an idea like “less parts, lots of opportunities” when it comes to modularity. Hardest and for me most precious thing about designing such furniture system is doing this with as few pieces as possible.


Registration number: YB35852-G36375

 Mark Liu , Alex Liu

Information: Canada,Ontario College of Art &Design University

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

Alex: To me design is not just about atheistic but also a representation of people’s lifestyle.

Mark: I always love to design products that are creative, interactive, and more importantly fun to use.

At the very beginning of this competition we had a session to brainstorm rough concepts for modular office furniture, we had a great time and came up with a lot of interesting concepts, yet after the research phase when we have narrowed down our focus area ideation becomes not as fun as before, it means you understand what are the obstacles in this discipline. And when you realize the idea that hits you really works, the joy within is tremendous.

Understanding of MATSU‘s core value:

I barely know anything about MATSU before the competition, but we have learned a lot about MATSU including their core value, their styles and their design theory. I think “people” and “communication” will be the main theme for future office and therefore modular office furniture should be able to create different working environment for different tasks, it should also be flexible so employees can personalize their working station, for firms with limited working space, modular office furniture should also save space so employees are capable to do more things. As a designer I’m expecting the working environment to be friendly and inspirational.

TOP10.SOMOV module

Registration number: YB35852-S17919


Information: Israel,The St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of   Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

For the moment, I work in a large Israeli architecture studio and specialize in office design for major IT companies. In my projects, I pay special attention to details and aesthetics of the space. I use office furniture designed by top manufacturers. The fact is that large island workspaces usually look boring and dull. This is something I wanted to change working on my Somov Module project.

How did you know Young Bird Plan:

I have found information about the Young Bird Plan in a Russian web portal dedicated to architectural competitions. It has become a very good experience for me. The Young Bird Plan has an intuitive interface and a well-organized system of competitions. Deadline reminders were very useful. I would like to thank the Young Bird Plan competition and MATSU for the Matrix competition they organized and the chance they give to young designers – to present our ideas in the professional community.

TOP10.Boundaryless Ground

Registration number: YB35852-S17924

Taho Shin

 Information: United Kingdom,The Royal College of Art

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

What I would like to interpret the notion of design is based on understanding the interaction between people and objects. I’ve explored a relationship between workers and furniture in a way that encourages to create ideas.

The most interesting thing that I’ve got from this competition is that many people are interested in flexible furniture adapted to open workspaces these days. That said, the meaning of work has changed dramatically and there will be a lot of opportunities for designers in order to create a new norm of office furniture.

What’s your opinion about Young Bird Plan:

I didn’t know much about Young Bird Plan, this was the first time of joining Young Bird Plan for me. I think this platform is quite good for participants because it allows them to see other competitions relating to your current competition. For me, some are interesting so I might participate in another competition.


Registration number: YB35852-G38706

Boyun Zhang, Ziwei Wang

Information: National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

We respectively graduated from the department of architecture and the department of industrial design and have been learning from each other. We decided to form an interdisciplinary team when we was informed of the furniture design competition. The design concept: aluminum extrusion plays an important role in contemporary manufacturing, yet rarely do we see them in our modern life. The inspiration comes from the well-known Song Dynasty modular furniture: Yan-Ji. Aluminum-extruded block units, along with other fittings can form tables, chairs, shelves, and many other variations.

The value provided by Young Bird Plan:

It is convenient to get the latest information of Young Bird Plan from lots of official accounts related to agricultural competitions on Wechat. Compared with others, the competitions organized by Young Bird Plan are more practical and have attracted numerous young designers. We expect more exposure to the winning works in future competitions. Thanks a lot to the organizers for planning the excellent competition.


Registration number: YB35852-S584 

Lunan Wei

Information: China,Shandong Jianzhu University

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

For me, design is quite interesting. I gain joy and satisfaction from the whole process of dealing with issues about aesthetics or solve problems through design. I hope that my design is able to bring joy to users while I would also have fun collecting information, designing and plotting. So I named my work Joy.

Your story with Young Bird Plan:

The first contact with YBP was at school when I saw the competition advertisement in Shenzhen Prince Bay. I didn’t think that the competition was out of my reach and the organizer took special care of it. Therefore, I had been paying close attention to the competition all the time. I appreciated detailed materials and competition consultation offered by Young Bird Plan, which greatly helped my design and I have learned a lot from the competition.


TOP10.  Magic cube 

Registration number: YB35852-S17921

Lijian Deng

Information: China,Jianghan University

Self-introduction & experience in this competition:

In my opinion, design should be people-oriented and balance functionality and aesthetics. My design concept was to adopt new environmentally friendly PVC materials, which can be recycled. Based on that, my work is modern, transparent and fashion. Moreover, the processing technology is simple, cheap so as to be convenient to assemble and move. I entered the competition because my class competed collectively. I believe that my work, Magic club, will bring new experience and fun to office furniture. The greatest benefit from this competition was juries’ comments and other contestants’ creation. Also I learned that designers should pay attention to funds, aesthetics, practicality and feasibility.

Feeling of MATSU:

MATSU is characterized by simple fashion, modern and rigorous. The office partition organized by MATSU is reasonable, clear, and non-crowded. As for the, I think flexible and happy office environment will remind people of home rather than depression. Moreover, the office is supposed to allow postures that meet different work needs for employees as well as offer space for rest, private space and more storage space.