Genius or Psychotic I Want Life to Be Art

Release Time 2018年11月13日

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It is often said that artists are the sanest “madmen”.

Artists are sensitive to the spiritual crisis of human beings, and they are always on the cutting edge fashion and heal themselves with artistic creation. Their maverick behaviors can evoke people’s deep reflection on this era, while their artistic works can accurately represent popular trend through exquisite observation.

In fact, popularity is not far away. For example, we will find the most popular colors in the latest dress, the hottest ceramics and even the latest chocolate packaging. When we go shopping in malls and supermarkets or on Taobao, these goods would be in our shopping carts stealthily. Then after being purchased, they will occupy our life and become part of art of living. Consequently, popular elements are conveyed to ordinary people based on commodities and exist here and there in our life.

That’s why Popper’s Godfather Andy Warhol said, “The department store is essentially a museum. Every commodity in it is the embodiment of mass art.

Fashion trends have been constantly changing, from high street style to fashion dress, from materials to furniture and each style will be prevalent in its own period. While pop has long been in the center position of fashion as the most powerful, popular, widespread and influential art form in Post-modernism in the 20th century. The contents of pop mostly reflect current popular things and phenomena, and the creations are based on them as well. Pop is always the most fashionable, unique and easy to come into people’s life since it is closely related to people’s life. Pop comes from life and above life.

People may learn about pop art from Monroe’s picture by Andy Warhol. He selected well-known celebrities, commodities and life inspirations as source material, and used screen printing technology to form visual commodities by constantly copying images which impacted traditional manual artwork. Thereby, Andy Warhol opened the door to art for the public, making pop art hit an all-time high in the United States. Accordingly, due to celebrities’ seeking to emulate it,  pop art gained worldwide popularity.

However, the popularity of pop art also shows young people the charm of that age: free yet elegant, unconstrained yet return to realistic life.

Pop art is not limited to a picture or a book. In contrast, it could be anything in people’s life: architecture, clothing, and daily necessity. Any element of life may become an art. Accordingly, each pop artist demonstrates pop culture from his or her unique perspective.

In Britain, a pop artist who integrates pop art into daily life is called “the godson of Andy Warhol“. He takes on Andy Warhol’s mantle and conquers censorious fashionistas with his own aesthetic taste.

He is Philip Colbert who is keen to unlock symbols and hidden information in everyday life. He expresses his humorous and eccentric ideas through painting, furniture, fashion dress, embroidery, toys, interior design, and etc .. Even Galeries Lafayette and lady Gaga are his fans.

He rearranges the artistic elements of great masters and turns them into important elements of clothing and put them on models. They are body worn artworks rather than clothing.

In Philip’s work, you can find Andy Warhol’s ” Canned Food”, Duchamp’s ” Urinal”, Dali’s ” Phone and Lobster” and former pop artists Soutine & Francis Bacon’s ” Meat”, modern popular emoji, steam wave, etc. You can’t imagine how pop it will be when the latest visual symbols are combined with pop art elements in the 1960s.

Dong Peng, the representative of innovative home furnishing, and Philip Colber, the pop art genius, boost pop to a new level in their crossover cooperation. Philip Colber’s unique artistic charm coincides with Dong Peng’s brand concept of insisting on innovation and personal expression. Undoubtedly, creating innovative home furnishing by   crossover cooperation will be achieved without extra effort.

True art has never been lonely as art needs resonance.

Nowadays, as an international trend, the word interdisciplinary leads to further widely cooperation, i.e., from tradition to modern times, from east to west, from hardware to software, from tangible to intangible. Interdisciplinary cooperation absorbs advantages of different sides to form its own unique strengths, which make it invincible and charming.

Since July this year, Dongpeng Ceramic and Dongpeng Bathroom Design Service have jumped on the bandwagon of pop art, starting a crossover trend. As the top home furnishing brand in the ceramic industry, Dongpeng Ceramic and Dongpeng Bathroom Design Service became the chief sponsor of Wave Length Art Exhibition for the first time. Dongpeng Original Stone has created a “co-create space” to salute pop art. Dongpeng invited Philip Colbert, a British pop artist, to create graffiti so as to encourage young people to express themselves in an artistic way and offer an opportunity to experience infinite possibilities that ceramic bring to life.

Together with British pop artist Philip Colbert and other 20 world-renowned artists, Dongpeng also presented a three-month artistic feast, starting a crossover artistic journey. It is an innovative attempt to combine products with art and fashion and make an all-round product marketing strategy.

Philip Colber at Wave Length Art Exhibition, became the most popular artist of the night

Dongpeng & WAVELENGTH Immersion Art Exhibition

Brand creates charm. Each art culture has its own vitality. Apart from vibrant colors and humorous art forms, pop is able to express everyone’s most authentic self, which help pop gains so much popularity. As the leader of home furnishing brands, Dongpeng Ceramic and Dongpeng Bathroom Design Service insist on improving living environment in China by combining technology with art, integrating pop into home with combination of materials and creativity. Dong Peng well explains to the public that art is not only a cultural form, but also an attitude and a lifestyle.

 I want life to be art 

Dong Peng devotes itself to creation seriously

In August this year, Dongpeng Ceramic and Philip Colbert launched a series of activities with the theme “Self Style, Comfortable Home – 101 Possibilities for Home Furnishing”. Based in Shanghai, the twin towers on the North Bund were lit up and 50 offline stores were offered for artists to transform the space.

Dong Peng’s Advertisement on the Twin Towers of the North Bund

Philip Colbert at Dong Peng new product release

Meanwhile, Dong Peng started crossover art cooperation with Philip Colbert again. The custom-made new products of Dongpeng ceramic with bright colors are available for the public, bringing refreshing feeling.

Dongpeng Ceramic pop style custom-made new products are called “fried egg” and “popcorn”, which recombine the most popular cultural elements into fashionable home furnishing.

Dongpeng Ceramic& Philip Colbert Pop Style Custom-made Series Ceramic/ Fried Egg& Popcorn

Each custom-made Dong Peng ceramic has a strong visual impact, which is profoundly impressive. Even the ceramic is just framed up with a picture frame, it would be a highlight in the room. If the owner of the house decorates walls with the special ceramic in imaginative ways, it would add much more attraction and fun.

In addition, Dong Peng, together with Elle, a high-end fashion magazine, published home furnishing trend and interpreted young people’s home furnishing style from a fashionable perspective. As Philip Colbert said, “I have always believed in the philosophy that people in the world are closely linked, and this link spans culture and age. Also, I believe that ordinary things in life are the foundation of people’s interconnection. So, I have always been interested in creating artistic language, this artistic language has the greatest influence in life.”

So, what makes a ceramic brand cooperate with various fashion brands?

Dialogue with quality customers from equal perspective

Provide more options for people to enjoy human living environment

The combination of pop art and ceramic is to put the dissemination before the product, making the product itself attract customers, which is enough to stir up the concerns of quality customers. Modern customers prefer new cultural identity and new self-expression instead of tradition. Customers who pursue spiritual resonance will have more choices when they find art elements in the design of home furnishing.

Dare to outperform others

Build an ideal home to salute art

As a leader in the home furnishing industry, crossover art cooperation undoubtedly makes Dong Peng the pioneer and infuses more fresh blood into Dong Peng’s products to gain popularity among quality customers. Moreover, Dong Peng has always take responsibility to provide fashion, quality and one-stop home furnishing products and services. Crossover art cooperation offers an opportunity to have a better and equal conversation with customers and explore more possibilities of creating quality home furnishing.

In essence, this extraordinary cooperation between Dong Peng and Philip Colbert is also a deep communication with customers, paying homage to the classic pop art as a famous brand of a great power and realizing artistic innovation with the product itself. Dongpeng thinks that customers’ acceptance requires observation and understanding of their preference rather than refusing to make progress. Then products with both practicality and functionality can satisfy customers’ individual expression needs. Additionally, the brand shall offer the experience of  beauty and convenience to customers, especially the young. Eventually, gain customers preference. After all, people are tired of stereotyped marketing strategies, they need to express themselves. Paying tribute to art shows master’s character and artisan’s dedication.

Technology, art and life become core driving forces

Brand Innovation creates more possibilities for home furnishing

Dong Peng has equal conversation with customers under the help of artists to create emotional identification and value recognition, forming a good brand awareness. In addition, Dong Peng helps Chinese ceramic brand break away from stereotype of the past with diversified customized products, and also laying a good foundation for the subsequent transmission of brand values. Dong Peng always believes that there are numerous ways to see and experience the world while new perspective brings more diversities.

Co-branded products made by Dong Peng and artists, cooperation with well-known fashion magazine Vogue and the industry first pop-up shop Dongpeng Ceramic Yuanshili all show a process of collecting, learning, observing, practicing and innovating from the perspective of learners. Every new attempt brings new inspiration for product innovation.

Dong Peng won’t stop making progress

We keep exploring better solutions for living environment

Dong Peng products cover every field that young people concern from fashion to environmental protection and from aesthetics to health.

In 2014, PEARS Foundation was founded by Dongpeng Group and other 30 enterprises to promote the construction of beautiful villages in China. Apart from crossover in fashion field, Dongpeng Group together with competition platform Young Bird Plan launched the 2018 On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition in Yongchuan District, Chongqing City. Dong Peng focuses on rural public space design and expects to change Chinese public space by Dong Peng products and excellent designers, so that to encourage and support new forces to show their individualities and express themselves creatively.

Dongpeng Ceramic not only devotes to leading fashion trend of home furnishing, but also pays attention to providing healthy and ideal lifestyle for customers. Dong Peng has released new products of air purification bricks, adding air purification function to high class products to create ideal Dong Peng home and better living environment.

That is exactly what Dong Peng has been striving for decades: to create an international, fashionable and younger brand, to add technology and innovation elements to products, and to offer customers favourite products. As chairman of Dongpeng Holdings said, “We must constantly innovate to create a world-famous national brand.” Innovation gains market share, quality wins reputation. No matter how the big environment changes, Dong Peng perseveres in innovation and quality.

Innovation has never been unconstrained imagination

 Instead,it should be feasible

Philip Colbert once said, ” If I had unlimited power, I would create a new society and a lobster utopia on an unmanned planet in the universe.”

Faith means persistence. Artisans never stop exploring. In the future, Dong Peng will continue to create variable home furnishing styles, offer more choices for younger customers with technology and innovation, bring more surprises to customers as the industry leader, and also create a better living environment. Please look forward to it.

-The End-