Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition’ 19

2019-03-28 ~ 2019-05-30
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Competition introduction

It is more out of imagination if the Kumanoto Prefecture without Kumamon, compared with a sushi restaurant without tunaand green mustard.

——《ラオスにいったい何があるというんですか》by Murakami Haruki

Young Bird Plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. This time, Young Bird Plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the mascot image of Young Bird Plan.

Mascot’s Mission:

He/She is a cultural brand medium, expressing directly and simply the brand spirit. With the mission of promoting brand concept and creating every opportunity for global designer, he/she will push the connection among design and other fields in order to inspiring deep thoughts on design value. Meanwhile, he/she will emotionally establish relationship between the brand and its audience and also lead the fashion trend. 

He/she will represent and speak for Young Bird Plan.

Young Bird is not about YOUNG!

Actually, Young Bird does not means young designers. It is an expression of brand culture. Just imagine, a young bird may be an original city, an undeveloped field but with infinite potential, a new industry once ignored but now generates huge efficiency, a progressing technology under dispute and of course it may also be an ambitious young designer and even an unbuilt project but can inspire people a lot. So Young Bird means the future.

Young Bird Plan is GROWING!

Over the past five years, Young Bird Plan launched 12 international design competitions cooperated with local governments, well-known developers and international brands. By the end of 2018, the platform attracts global participants from 879 universities and 3388 institutes in 217 cities of 54 countries.

Big data analysis of the platform by the end of 2018

Young Bird Plan Mascot

What is Young Bird Plan mascot like? It wil depend on you!

Young Bird Plan

Founded in 2013 by Isa Ye, Young Bird Plan, is an international competition platform for global design talents. With three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, it is fast becoming a leading voice in global design fields like urban design, architecturedesign, landscaping design, interior design, product design, logo design and fashion design. Since its inception, the platform has received submissions from 879 colleges and universities and 3,388 design institutes in 217 cities of 54 countries.

▲The popular mentor group is sparkling: Young Bird Plan’s mentors  are working on the frontier of architecture field. They are respected and accredited with powerful influence in the society. In 2018, star-architects joined in mentor group, including Zhang Haiao – an emerging architect famous for the name “the Man behind Daniel Wu”, Shuhei Aoyama – a popular male architect famous for Dragon TV’s ‘Dream Home’, Zhuang Ziyu – a cool talented architect famous for his Hermès cat walk show.

On the one hand, the platform constantly connects and meets various demands from political, business, and academic circles and actively fill supply and demand gaps among designers, manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. We are committed to design and innovation, and offering opportunities for creative minds around the world to participate in creation process, so as to propel the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and life aesthetics. Besides, Young Bird Plan is devoted to pushing the urban development and offering high-quality solutions to product updates. On the other hand, as one of the most influential design competition platforms around the world, we make every effort to create opportunities for young designers.

▲The interdisciplinary jury panel gathers: Jury comes from different design fields in the world, including Ma Yansong – the great architect famous for his work of Absolute Towers, Canada, Sou Fujimoto – the emerging Japanese architect, Benedetta Tagliabue – the jury member of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Hasegawa Itsuko – the world-class landscape architect, Arne Quinze – the Belgian artist deemed as a national treasure, NadimKaram – the artist famous as the Father of Dubai Cloud, Grace Chen – the most influential Chinese bespoke fashion designer, Du Guoying – the founder of Xiao Guan Tea.

▲Attracting excellent talents throughout the world: Prize winners are from different countries, most of them with background of studying in top design universities or working in top studios in the world.

By now, we have cooperated with several governments, development agencies and international brands, e.g., Suichang County of Zhejiang Province, Yongchuan District of Chongqing City, Suzhou New District, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, Vanke Group, China FortuneProperties, Westbund, Leliving, Sunbrella, Destelli, MATSU Group, Xiao GuanTea, Dongpeng Group, etc.

▲12 international competitions in past 5 years

Young Bird Plan Visual System Review

▲Young Bird Plan Logo and its application Version 1 (2013-2016)

Since its establishment, Young Bird Plan added its own features to its Logo: Young in blue means architect mentor working on the frontier of architecture field, Bird in pink means competition candidates with their dreams, Plan in golden means high-quality interdisciplinary jury panel, all of which enable people to understand three key points of Young Bird Plan more easily – Construction, Mentor’s Guidance and Interdisciplinary Jury. Meanwhile, Young Bird Plan is a stage for talented young people lack of opportunities to show themselves. Thus, on the basis of key words including youth and vitality, etc., the simple silhouette of bird is adopted as image application.

▲Young Bird Plan Logo and its application Version 2 (2017 – till now)

With the rapid development and more powerful influence of Young Bird Plan in architecture field, its Logo is also updated dramatically – A fluffy bird, with sketch elements of various countries architecture on its head, opens its mouth and seems to voice something. It means that designers could promote and voice themselves via Young Bird Plan.

⚠️The above visual display is only for your reference to learn more about brand development background. You may design freely regardless of former logo images.


🐦 Based on the spirit of Young Bird Plan, 3D personage image design and graphic application creation shall be designed with bird elements. Character image is resilient and extensible without limitation of gender;

🐦 About mascot design, including:

a.    No limitation on creation categories and skills, including but not limit to graphic image, illustration, cartoon, 3Dmax, etc.

b.    The entrant shall complete 3D mascot archetypal image three-view drawing, including front, side, back.

c.     Captions are needed to match with work, including basic information of image name, gender, etc., design concept or design description, enclosed with story narration which is relatedto your experience of attending competition or story that happens in your work or study or design career, 100-300 words.


🐦 Graphic application creation includes:

a.    Apply mascot to a piece of traditional Chinese festival theme greeting card;

b.    Mascot image package design;

c.     Mascot image badge design;

🐦  The entrant shall offer the original drawing files in 300 dpi for print production.

🐣 Branding: integrate boldness and independence, with tolerance, openness, forward-looking and exploratory spirit;

🐣 Interesting: full of story, great fun, unique characteristic charm with exclusive image;

🐣 Transmission: work is easy for transmission and could strike a responsive chord in the hearts of potential users;

🐣 Feasible: design shall meet basic requests of industrial design, widely applicable, design shall be feasible and executed to some extent.


🏆 The initial selection is implemented by competition organization commission who will filter the candidates’ works and make sure they conform to the conditions.

🏆 Top 30 comes out and ranks by the score after the professional jury give the scores according to the above four assessment criteria;

🏆Voted by 32-fields representatives, the most voted ten works are defined as Top 10;

🏆 Voted by the entrants of past competitions and mentor representatives, the most voted three works are defined as Top 3;

🏆 Crowd funding is adopted. When crowd funding is successful, it enters into patent manufacturing round. The work with the highest crowd funds is the champion of this competition.

(In order to protecting the entrants’ rights of intellectual property, except the crowd funding round, the procedure of voting is implemented privately.)

(Please submit works strictly according the regulations above, works which don’t comply with the regulations will be canceled the qualification of selection to the shortlist.)

A scheme shall be presented in 2 A2sheets in a clear, vertical way and in readable format (with a 10 mm pagemargin) and include following parts:

 -Simple descriptive text within 300 English words (excluding notes);

 -Registration No. shall be put in the upper right corner of the sheets, in Arial 20pt font;

 -A scheme shall contain front view drawing, side view drawing, back view drawing, details drawing, effect drawing,etc.

A maximum of two A2 sheets in JPG format (no larger than 20MB for each) can be submitted, applied to data packet’s unified set of frame (vertical and horizontal versions respectively).

A scheme title shall be given and files shall be submitted in the “registrationNo. – scheme title – sheet No.1/No.2” format.

A scheme shall be in bilingual (for Chinese-speaking entrants) or English (for English-speaking entrants).

Do not disclose ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION including name, organization, school, etc.

All drawings and description text in English shall not be compressed due to possible missing data or invalid link.

Cover which should be the rendering of your scheme must be uploaded in the size of 1024*768 pixels, 72dpi, less than500 KB.


Deadline for entry: May 15,2019 at 23:59 (GMT+8)

The official site prevails when all contents are involved.

🐦This competition is open to professional designers and students of all ages with industry-specific background or design enthusiasts across the world;

🐦Each group (three members at most) shall submit only one entry;

🐦Each participant has to register on our website; for any question, please visit our website.

2019.03.28        Call for entries

2019.05.15        Registration deadline

2019.05.30        Submission deadline

2019.06.06         Releaseof shortlisted winners

2019.06.13        Release of Top 30 & Voting by Field Representative (privately)

2019.06.20        Release of Top 10 & Voting by Entrants of Past Competitions and Mentor Representative (privately)

2019.06.27        Release of Top 3 & Open to crowd funding

2019.07.15        Release of the Champion

The schedule is only for reference, the actual release prevails when the specific time is involved.

🐦Please register by logging into our website:

🐦For the latest information about this competition, please follow our official WeChat account: youngbirdplan-cn or our official Weibo account: @YoungBirdPlan;

🐦You can directly contact the competition team by add YoungBirdPlan as one of your Wechat friends. We will remain at your service here for any further questions you may have.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, by participating in this competition, each Entrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the below statements about the copyrights for all submissions. 


1. Statement of Originality

All submissions must be original, and each Entrant shall ensure that his/her entry does not infringe any third party’s rights, including patents, copyrights,trademarks, and so on. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualified from the competition, and the organizer will withdraw all the sponsorship money and materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability of infringement. All damages and losses arising there from shall be borne by the Entrant; and all the direct and indirect damages (including but not limited to attorney fees,legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs, notarial fees, and soon) suffered by the organizer shall be compensated by the Entrant.


2. Statement of Consent

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to publicly display the works, and accepts the on-line selection process. And before uploading a submission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has read and fully understands all of theclauses, and accepts them. The judging panel reserves the right to make a final decision on entry assessment and award list. 


🐣 First Prize

1 winner; 30,000 RMB (pre-tax); patent manufactured product; Certificate of Honor.

🐣 Top 3

2 winners; 6,000 RMB each (pre-tax); patent manufactured product; Certificate of Honor.

🐣Top 10

7 winners; 1,000 RMB each (pre-tax);Certificate of Top 10 Honor; patent manufactured product.

🐣Top 30

20 winners; Certificate of Top 30 Honor.

🐣 Shortlist

Several winners; Certificate of Shortlist Honor.

🐣 Other entries: Entry Certificate

🐣 Top 10 will have the opportunity to be a contract-signed artist of Young Bird Gallery affiliated to YoungBird Brand.