Young Bird Plan 2018 On the Frontier Toilet Design International Competition

2018-09-28 ~ 2018-11-21
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Competition introduction

FRONTIER here means pioneering spirit and revolutionary awareness brought by this new era which is a gift for young designers, and at the same time, they shoulder the duties to boost the evolution of spaces. An energetic and innovative design ismore than imagination. It shall be feasible, meaningful, and on the frontier, viz. ground-breaking. An ambitious and practical designer is able to show thepower of the age and esthetics.

Therefore, On the Frontier competition series launched by Young Bird Plan and Dong Peng is planned to solve the most urgent problems in an innovative way. The first task is to devise a public toilet concerning for people’s basic needs and respecting of local features and culture.

Subtle changes always lead to bigresults. The process of urban regeneration cannot be advanced without concerning small facets. A quality toilet, the most private area in public place, willusher in a revolution of public spaces. Based on that, Dongpeng and Young Bird Plan launch “On the Frontier” public toilet competition, aiming to consolidate brand awareness and the site’s position in the city, and find an innovative, cutting-edge, practicable approach to reform rural public spaces, by connecting industry, brand, local culture and context.

In our daily life, one person needs to use the bathroom 6 to 8 times per day on average, spending 4% of the time one day in it. During an 80-year lifespan, one person totally takes 3 years in this private place. Hence, if a toilet with 6 to 8 year life cycles serves 80 peopleper day, the whole time users spend in it will amount to 3 years.

The same underlying logic is also applicable to public spaces. In large-scale ruralareas, public toilets tend to be significant nodes, telling the status of local development. Compared with other public spaces with different functions incities and villages, public toilets meet the basic needs of people, and are familiar to everyone.

Then, how can public toilets respond to spatial development and be ahead of counterparts in quality?

According to spatial cognition theory, the first impression of a space is determined by colors and textures. This competition challenges contestants to reasonably utilize brand-related materials and bathroom products, and improve the spatial quality of public toilet in rural areas. 

Dong Peng, the co-organizer, seeks human-centered and innovative entries in this competition. The two elements arevery important because they are the main parts of its brand philosophy. As aleading brand providing integrated solutions to bathroom, Dong Peng has developed a series of pioneering products on the basis of science, technique, and life. Its products are intelligent, user-centered, healthy, energy-saving andeco-friendly. Therefore, contestants are expected to solve the current problemsof public toilets in an objective and creative way, optimize the use oftechniques and products, and integrate them into peoples’ life. 

Yongchuan, a district of western Chongqing, China, is located by the north side of upper reach of Yangtze River. Recordof Yongchuan County wrote in the Guangxu Period, logs that Yongchuan is named for its geographic features. Three rivers converge on this place, appearing to be the Chinese character Yong in seal script. This district has a moderateclimate and flat lands with 46.5% of forest cover. The percentage of days with good air quality reaches 94.5%. Those treasured natural resources will be conducive for entrants to devise their schemes. (For further site information, please download information kit.)

The most beautiful road in Yongchuan

Site 01 – Songgai Town

Site 02 – Zhutuo Town

Site 03 – Sanjiao Town

This competition features two procedures for picking winners, namely, jurors’ selection and mentor’s guidance, in order to comprehensively evaluate the entries in this competition. To ensure the equality, the interdisciplinary jury panel consists of Hasegawa Itsuko (world-class landscape architect), Yuyang Liu (founder and principal architect of Atelier Liu Yuyang Architects), Fache Gao (director of the Professional Committee of Public Toilet Construction Management affiliated with China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation), Lixin Yang (general manager of bathroom design service department of Dong Peng Group), Daihua Zhong (government representative and vice-chairman of CPPCC in Yongchuan District), Juzhen Li (chief mentor of Pears Foundation), and Isa Ye (founder of Young Bird Plan). Also, Zhang Hai’ao will be invited as the mentor to further design winners’ schemes and ensure the implementation of the project.

The concept of Observation Group is first added into Young Bird Plan competitions. We hope this mode will gather advantages from industries and integrate various opinions so that participants may be inspired in their designs. The observers will comment on entries in an accurate and unique way through their professional experience.  By the evaluation from three parts, the potential of participants will be further inspired and the most innovative brainstrom will hit the design industry in the world. 

The Jury



Zhang Hai’ao has successively participated in an architectural reconstruction TV program “A Warm New Home” organized by BTV-1,which has caught eyes of audience and arouse hot discussion, especially his work like “transformable smart house in Beijing”, “stacks container boxes into atransformable smart home” and “vertical garden in Shanghai”. Above projects respectively won IF Design Award, The Plan Award, the best design of Red Dot and the most innovative project horned by the Architectural Society of Shanghai. In 2017, he took part in the architectural TV program “Beautiful Houses” organized Zhejiang TV along with TV stars like Daniel Wu. And his project “Mulan weichang” which is located in the northeast of Hebei province was nominated for RIBA the Stirling Prize and awarded the best design of 2018 Red Dot. Therefore, on behalf of Chinese architects, he made a theme speech in Venice Architecture Biennale.

Zhang Hai’ao also leads plenty of landmark architectural projects both at home and abroad as he is the leading designer of Sunrise Kempinski Hotel Beijing project which is a main building forAPEC summit. Besides, he is the first Chinese architect who endorses international high-end brand by cooperating with France brand DS.

Observation Group

This competition challenges creative minds toselect one of the sites (located in Songgai Town and Zhutuo Town, YongchuanDistrict) provided in the site description, and design a public toilet.

Entrants are required to think out of the box and design a 30 to 70 square meters public toilet without height limitation in Yongchuan District, based on hygienic, convenient, safe and energy-saving principles. (schemes should be limited within above size standards) The public toliet should consist of male toilets, women toilets, unisex toilets and management room. Besides, management room is for cleaning and management. This user-centered toilet should speak for local culture, serving as a building icon that harmonizes with surrounding landscape. 

Designers are also required to choose materials or products provided by Dong Peng Group, the co-organizer of this competition. (The products information can be found in the information kit.)

Aerial image of Zhutuo Town

An ancient village in Songgai Town

『 Culture-respecting 』

Careful consideration and flexible use of the physical geography, location, resources, convention of the site; innovative reflection of local uniqueness (culture and custom).

『 Frontier 』

Fully understand the description of “On the Frontier” in the competition theme and illustrate your understanding towards the theme in schemes.

『 Eco-friendly 』

Taking “energy-efficient, land-saving, green” as goals, it should give priority to ecological features and people’s livelihood. When using products provided by Dong Peng Group, designers should consider how to optimize or utilize its products so that the architecture will be eco-friendly and even recycling.

『 Practicable 』

Toilet is the most basic facility of infrastructure. Local common materials, techniques and their cost need to be considered when designing. The scheme should be practicable, functional and aesthetic.

『 Material-utilizing 』

Rational utilizing appointed products and materials offered by Dong Peng, deep understanding of Dong Peng spirit and outstanding interpretation of “Frontier” will be a plus.

 A scheme shall be presented in two A2 sheets in a clear, vertical way and in readable format (with a 10mm page margin) and include following parts:

-Descriptive text no longer than 300 English words (except notes);

-Registration No. shall be put in the upper right corner of the sheets, in Arial 20pt font;

-A scheme shall contain plans, elevations, bird view, concept evolution, concept analysis diagrams, and renderings for different spaces; other details;

 A maximum of two A2 sheets in JPG format (no larger than 20MB for each) can be submitted.

 A scheme title shall contain no more than 4 English words in the “registration No. – scheme title – sheet No.1/No.2” format.

 A scheme shall be in bilingual (for Chinese-speaking entrants) or English (for English-speaking entrants).

 A scheme must not include ANY INFORMATION (Name, Organization, School, etc.) that may give away your identity.

 Please do not compress your files.

 The cover shall be submitted online to display only one rendering for your design; it must be uploaded in the size of 1024×768 pixels,72 dpi, less than 500 KB.

(Please conform to the above Entry Requirements; any entry that fails to follow these items may be disqualified.)

 This competition is open to professional designers and students of all ages with industry-specific background or design enthusiasts across the world;

 Each group (three members at most) shall submit only one entry;

 Each participant has to register on our website; for any question, please visit our website.

 2018.09.28        Call for entries

 2018.11.14        Registration deadline

 2018.11.21        Submission deadline

 2018.11.30        Release of Top 100

 2018.12.04        Release of Top 30

 2018.12.10        Release of Top 3

 2019.01.11        Release of the champion

Regional plan of sites;

❷ Relative planning drawing of sites;

 Pros and cons of three sites;

 Aerial images of Zhutuo Town;

 CAD for sites;

 Information of materials and products offered by Dong Peng.

Young Bird Plan

Young Bird Plan, founded in 2013, is an international platform for high-quality design competitions. With three key elements: construction, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, the platform makes every effort to create opportunities for young designers in China. On the one hand, it is committed to providing young designers with more practical opportunities with the concept of “Competition makes a different world” . On the other hand, it constantly connects and meets various demands from political, business, and academic circles and actively fills supply and demand gaps among designers, manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. As a result, design competition projects and related products focusing on urban space and daily life will be further promoted and perfectly made, which contributes to the urbanization in China. It is one of the most influential design competition platforms in the world. 

Competition Ceremony: Founder of PEARS Foundation, Founder of Young Bird Plan, Government Reprezentative and Reprezentative of Dong Peng Group (From left to right)

DongPeng Group

Founded in 1972, Dong Peng Group holds the most significant brand of China’s Building Ceramic Industry and continues to expand its business to bathroom design service, floors and furnishing. On behalf of China, Dong Peng has attended Bologna Exhibition for successive 5 yesrs and becomes the largest dealer of REX (an Italy brand) and Grespania (a Spainbrand) in China, while in 2014 Dong Peng acquired innoci, a high-end Germanybath brand. Dongpeng Holdings Company Limited was successfully listed in HongKong Main Board, and became the first ceramic tile company listed in Hongkong,which is also honored as the only signal brand for 12 years in succession and one of Asia’s 500 most valuable brands.

With more than 5,000 retailers, the businesses of Dong Peng Group covers the whole country and even globally expand to 106 countries. Depending on its strong ability of innovating and developing new products and its wide sales network and perfect supply chain, Dong Peng Group offers customers the most fashionable, qualified and convenient one-stop service of household products.

Yongchuan District of Chongqing City

Affiliated with Chongqing City in China, Yongchuan District is located in the west of Chongqing, upper reaches of Yangtze River. Thename of Yongchuan comes from three rivers in the city, as the rivers melttogether just like the Chinese character “Yong”. With mountains and rivers,climate in Yongchuan is mild and terrain there is flat. The forest rate reaches46.5% and air quality ratio is high to 94.5%. There are tea plantations, bambooforest, theme entertainment parks and Huanggua Mountain which is for tourism.Yongchuan District is a melting point of finance, telecommunication and energyin the west Chongqing.


PEARS Foundation

PEARS Foundation is a non-profit organizer with mission to promote the construction of beautifulvillages in China. With the principle of non-profit promotion, government guidance, villages’ initiative, internal motivation and social effort, the organization begins its implement in small towns. PEARS Foundation helps villages in China improve their construction and optimize local resources by beautifying local environment and promoting local culture.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, by participating in this competition, each Entrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the below statements about the copyrights for all submissions. 

1. Statement of Originality

All submissions must be original, and each Entrant shall ensure that his/her entry does not infringe any third party’s rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and so on. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualified from the competition, and the organizer will withdraw all the sponsorship money and materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability of infringement. All damages and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Entrant; and all the direct and indirect damages (including but not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs, notarial fees, and so on) suffered by the organizer shall be compensated by the Entrant.


2. Statement of Consent

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to publicly display the works, and accepts the on-line selection process. And before uploading a submission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has read and fully understands all of the clauses, and accepts them. The judging panel reserves the right to make a final decision on entry assessment and award list. 

The detailed Official Rules of this competition will be published on the Young Bird Plan website soon. Please read them carefully.

For any question or feedback about the competition:

Scan the below QR for domestic participants or send email to: for abroad participants.


Top 3 projects will be constructed by the co-organizer, Dong Peng Group and supporters in Yongchuan District.

 First Prize

1 winner; 30,000 RMB (pre-tax) and Certificate of Award.

 Top 3 (Except first prize)

2 winners; 10,000 RMB (pre-tax) and Certificate of Award.

 1 entrant who receive the most votes during the public voting process on YoungBirdPlan website will win the Certificate of People’s Choice Award and be recommended to work in famous design institutes.

 Each of Top 100 will be awarded Certificate of Award, a publication by YoungBirdPlan, and the opportunity to be published on YoungBirdPlan website and publication..

 All selected participants will be awarded certificates.

KOL introduction


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