Young Bird Plan 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture International Design Competition

2018-07-13 ~ 2018-09-27
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Competition introduction

Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future.

——Robert L. Peters


The nature of work has fundamentally shifted. Therefore how to increase office space utilization and users’ productivity becomes a hot topic. We shall unceasingly pay attention to new ideas and trends in office culture. And we need to envision flexible products which are able to satisfy current requirements, people’s feeling, and future demands of change. This time, Young Bird Plan, cooperating with MATSU Group launches 2018 Matrix Modular Office Furniture System Design Competition. Participants are free to think and we are expected to meet with your flexible office furniture.



This competition invites all designers to conceive a collection of office furniture that consists of units which are able to be used with no less than four combinations. It shall be aesthetic, functional and delightful, and can make users’ work and life more ordely, productive, and efficient.

Meanwhile, all the materials, sizes, techniques and combinations applied to your projects shall be specified. A unique name of the design is important as well, because the winning entries will be further modified, produced and sold by professional teams of MATSU. Designer will retain the right of authorship. 

▲ You are expected to join in MATSU Group to work together with great masters like Jorge Pensi, Jean Nouvel and Luigi Colani!

(Please follow our official Wechat account: youngbirdplan-cn and website for latest information about MATSU)


■ Practical, functional and artistic;

■ Feasible cost of material and workmanship should be considered;

■ Deep understanding of factors including the competition theme, modular office furniture system, MATSU’s brand culture and its clients’ demands.

 Nearly all top brands choose MATSU including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Alibaba, Ant Financial, BMW, Benz and Porsche. So who will be the next top brand?

(Please follow our official Wechat account: youngbirdplan-cn and website for latest information about MATSU)


 A scheme should be presented on two pieces of A2 sheets, portrait orientation, in a clear and in readable format (with a 10mm page margin) and shall include following parts:

-Description of project theme within 300 words (except notes);

-Brief introduction of materials, dimension, techniques and combination forms of a unit within 300 words (except notes)

-Registration No. (initial letters are YB) should be put in the upper right corner of the paper, in Arial 24pt font;

-Combination diagram should include plan, elevation, top view, combination forms, concept analysis, rendering for different space and other detailed drawings.

 All drawings should be laid out on two piece of A2 sheets and submitted in JPEG format – no more than 10 MB for each sheet.

 Participants should name their documents in the format of ”registration No. – scheme name – No.1/No.2”. 

 A scheme shall be in bilingual (for Chinese-speaking entrants) or English (for International entrants).

■ A scheme must not include ANY INFORMATION (Name, Organization, School, etc.) that may give away your identity.

■ The cover shall be submitted online to display the rendering for your design; it must be uploaded in the size of 1024×768 pixels, 72 dpi, less than 500 KB.

(Please conform to the above Entry Requirements, any entry that fails to follow these items may be disqualified.)



 This competition is open to designers, students and design enthusiasts of all ages with design and art related background across the world;

 One team can have a maximum of two participants. Each of team members shall complete the registration form online. FAQs will be published on the website.

 When filling the registration form, please guarantee the information you provided are accurate and complete, abbreviations or acronyms for your universities or companies can be confusing and are unacceptable.

 Each team or individual shall submit no more than two entries; if you want to upload two entries, you need to register another account(s) on the website and obtain a new Registration No. 

 One Registration No. only denotes one entry.



■ 2018.07.13        Call for Entries

■ 2018.09.27        Submission Deadline

■ 2018.10.10        Release of TOP 50

■ 2018.10.24        Release of TOP 10

■ 2018.10.30        Release of TOP 3 and the Champion


■ Please register by logging into our website:

■ For the latest information about this competition, please follow our official WeChat account youngbirdplan-cn or our official Weibo account @YoungBirdPlan;

The FAQs will be published on the official website soon, please read them carefully when you have questions. If you cannot find answer there, please use the form we provided in the Competition Q&A section to send us your questions or feedback.



The example of modular office furniture system:

■ Pixel series of Bene:

■ Quark series of Nichetto Studio:

Case 01

Case 02



Since its inception in 1996, the MATSU Group has been dedicated to providing customers with personalized, high-quality and exquisitely-designed office space solutions. Our wide range of products includes: high quality office furniture, public space furniture, outdoor furniture, LED lighting, office partition systems,carpet and laboratory equipment in an ultimate design, aiming to create an inspiring office lifestyle for our customers.

MATSU has been cooperating with the famous German furniture company Kusch+Co since 2001. In addition, MATSU has developed strategic partnerships with 8 high-end German office furniture companies and built modern production facilities in China to ensure that the sophisticated German craftsmanship and strict manufacturing standards run through our whole manufacturing procedure.

The main focus points of MATSU are design, quality, environmental protection and innovation. This all-around pursuit of innovation and best practice achievements is the basis for our company’s goal, represented in our slogan: At MATSU, we aim to provide an “inspiring office lifestyle”.


Young Bird Plan

Young Bird Plan, founded in 2013, is an international platform for high-quality design competitions. We boast three key elements, viz. fabrication, mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, in order to create endless opportunities for young designers. Since establishment, the platform is committed to providing young designers with more practical opportunities with the concept of “Competition makes a different world”. On the other hand, we also bridge the gaps between designers and manufacturers, developers, urban operators, users, based on thorough analysis of all players’ needs. As one of the most influential design competition platform around the world, we are committed to propelling the implementation of design projects and products focusing on urban spaces and daily life, making contributions to the development of urbanization in China. 



In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, by participating in this competition, each Entrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the below statements about the copyrights for all submissions.

1. Statement of Originality

All submissions must be original, and each Entrant shall ensure that his/her entry does not infringe any third party’s rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and so on. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualified from the competition, and the organizer will withdraw all the sponsorship money and materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability of infringement. All damages and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Entrant; and all the direct and indirect damages (including but not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs, notarial fees, and so on) suffered by the organizer shall be compensated by the Entrant.


2. Statement of Consent

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to publicly display the works, and accepts the on-line selection process. And before uploading a submission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has read and fully understands all of the clauses, and accepts them. The judging panel reserves the right to make a final decision on entry assessment and award list.  

The detailed Official Rules of this competition will be published on the Young Bird Plan website soon. Please read them carefully.


 First Prize:

1 winner; 30,000 RMB (pre-tax; no overlap with the other Top 3 prizes) and Certificate of Award.

 Top 3 (except the first prize):

2 winners; 10,000 RMB (pre-tax) and Certificate of Award.

 People’s Choice Award: 1 winner, a Papilio ergonomic chair by MATSU, Certificate of Award

 Top 10: 7 winners; a Papilio ergonomic chair by MATSU; professional comments will be made by 10 purchasing officer from top enterprises who have deep cooperation with MATSU Group. One Special Award will be selected.

 Top 50: 40 winners; Certificate of Participation; YoungBirds Magazine.

 All winners would be published in YoungBirdPlan official website, YoungBirds Magazine and SHU of MATSU Quarterly Magazine.

Papilio is a lightweight and comfortable chair with a cocoon-like back support reminiscent of fluttering butterflies. The multi-functional configurations will satisfy all the needs in office.

KOL introduction


We will complement and update the following Q&A irregularly according to contestants’ future questions.


Q: How can I join this competition as a team?

A: When filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter a team name, and then click the Create button. The team creator will be the leader who has rights to approve team member, and upload the entry.

As a team member, you shall register an account as well, and when filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter your team name, click the Join button, and then wait for your team leader to approve.

A team can have a maximum of two participants.


Q: As a team leader, where can I approve my member?

A: You can do it by clicking the “Group” button in the lower right corner of this competition on the page of “My competitions”.


Q: Can I change my identity as an Individual or a Team after I register?

A: No. In order to protect all contestants’ rights, once you’ve confirmed your identity, it cannot be changed ever. Please be cautious.


Q: What should I do if I want to submit two entries?

A: If you want to upload two entries, you need to register another account (if you work as a team, both team members shall have another accounts) on the website and obtain a new Registration No.


Q: How can I obtain the registration No. of this competition?

A: After filling the registration form, you will receive a Registration No. (initial letters are YB). Or you can find it by clicking the button in the lower right corner of this competition on the page of “My competitions”.


Q: I have other questions, how can I contact with the competition team?

A: You can send us your questions by adding YoungBirdPlan as one of your WeChat friends or just by email strictly according to the form below:

Full Name:


Daytime Phone:


Your question or Feedback:

Question-related screenshot or video (optional):


Your questions or feedback will be replied in ten business days, thank you for your patience.