Young Bird Plan 2018 Guanish Product Design International Competition Young Bird Plan 2018「型あり缶あり」商品デザイン国際コンテスト告示

2018-11-27 ~ 2019-02-14
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Product design

Competition introduction

With the reform of business ecology and Internet infrastructure, anti-experience becomes the beginning of innovation. Only when the person breaks away with traditional thoughts, can he or she witness the growth of new value. Nowadays, users’ attributes like affection demand, cultural identification, individual expression and social characteristics have been dramatically changed. Accordingly, their spiritual consumption has been completely upgraded, which inevitably contributes to the transformation of product logic.

——XSPECIES by Sheng Wu



In recent years, countless brands have upgraded their products, and made products more attractive to young consumers, especially those top luxury brands. In this August, Burberry, the traditional luxury brand in UK, adopted bold letters as its logo instead of the original knight image and published its new logo graph. Besides, in late 2016, Burberry invited young idol Kris Wu as its brand endorser. Undoubtedly, the world is continuously re-constructed and everything deserves to be redone in the era of consumption update. Ranging from urban renovation to living necessities, it is your value that makes you successful, and it is the person who is dependent on you determines the trend.


Gucci, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Chanel promote a series of products in succession to attract young people. The reform covers online and offline promotion from mass media, products concepts to brand endorsers and products features.

GUCCI、Fendi、Louis Vuitton、Chanelもそれぞれ一連のもっと立体的、もっと広範囲の若年化「変革」を打ち出している。変革がオンラインからオフラインまで、宣伝方法から商品理念まで、イメージキャラクターから商品自身の露出までカバーしている。

Just as the poet says, with wind it steals in night, mute, it wets everything. So when re-construction permeates through our daily life, it is always in a gentle way which can’t be rejected. We may come to a new stage of happy life if we change original living norms. So do tea.


Tea, a leaf grown in deep forests and remote mountains is always the spiritual drink of scholars through thousands of years’ accumulation. However, it can’t be accepted by 80s and 90s young generations in China. Under the promotion of cultural rejuvenation and consumption update, tea market is changing its traditional sales mode to a more diversified, modern and younger sales mode. As a result, it is reported that young people pay more attention to tea and tea-drinking lifestyle than before and tea becomes the best substitution of coffee and soft drinks.


Xiao Guan Tea Brand Image Version 1


Xiao Guan Tea, a high-end Chinese tea brand covering all tea categories takes its responsibilities to explore a happy lifestyle and improve people’s living standards. It begins its business from scratch and becomes a legend in the industry within only two years. Apart from its high quality, Xiao Guan Tea makes every effort to promote the importance of innovation and make Chinese tea younger and more fashionable.


Food Grade Aluminum Jar


Since the emergence of tea bags, the western changed their way to drink tea, which hastened the birth of Lipton, a world-level tea brand. Based on that, Xiao Guan Tea expects to change Chinese people’s experience of original leaf tea by beautifying tea package.


After three years’ exploration and over 10 package materials’ trials, food grade aluminum jar was selected as the package of Xiao Guan Tea. The aluminum jar is both safe and environmental, which can be recycled. Meanwhile, one jar for one cup of tea is really convenient for the young, and the jar becomes one of the most innovative attempts in tea package industry.


Modern Tea Set


To simplify the way Chinese people drink tea, innovative tea set shall be also provided. The fashion and modern tea set designed by Xiao Guan Tea makes tea drinking easier and more convenient. It also combines the function of covered bowl and Kowloon cup while integrates the style of western modern tea set. Accordingly, the tea set brings a new experience to people who drink tea.


Xiao GuanCha Brand Image Version 2


Xiao Guan Tea located itself as world Chinese tea, which aims to make Chinese tea more well-known to the whole world by reconstructing traditional tea culture and tea industry. Standardized products make the consumption process more efficient and simplified. Besides, the fashionable package design attracts more young people. Xiao Guan Tea develops its products based on users’ experience while taking all details in the process of tea drinking into account. As a result, the Chinese tea culture and its traditional industry frame are combined and rebuilt by Xiao Guan Tea.


This time, Xiao Guan Tea, along with international competition platform Young Bird Plan, launches “Guanish”product design international competition. It calls for younger and creative minds to design a new series of tea drinking products which may create new style for young generation to drink tea.

この度、ミニ缶茶はYoung Bird Planという国際コンテストサイトと提携して、「型あり缶あり」商品デザイン国際コンテストを行うことにした。その旨は、もっと若く、もっと元気溌剌で、革新的な設計エネルギーの注入によって、真新しいシリーズ商品を作り出すことと、若者世代の「お茶を習慣」にという環境作りにある。上記のように、標準化、洒落化とディープ体験を核心とし、デザインを凝り、同時に茶消費と楽しみのハードルの下げを強調して、「千禧一代」「お茶を習慣」のライフスタイルの育成に努める。

Current condition of millennial generation


Millennial generation is defined as the generation born between 1980 and 1996, while Generation Z between 1997 and 2010. The general editor of Kantar China Insights says millennials and generation Z may respectively correspond to 80s and 90s group in China. However, it’s interesting to find that the gap between above two generations becomes more and more blurred in pace with your deeper exploration. And it is even widely recognized that the two generations have combined into one strong group with great power which will reshape the consumption culture in the global market.


Xiao Guan Tea VS Traditional Tea


It is undoubted that how to win millennials and generation Z becomes the key point in the commercial world. Let’s wait and see how will the Guanlish Product Design Competition catch the eyes of new generation.


Whole design schemes for Xiao Guan Tea shall include:

🌱 Colorful tea jar (it shall be fashionable, cool and attractive to young people);

🌱 Colorful tea set;

🌱 Package for the tea jar; package for the tea set.

Package materials are not limited, but environmental protection and sustainability shall be considered.



🌱  カラーミニ缶(洒落、クール、若者を惹きつける);

🌱  カラー茶の具(規格制限なし、タイマー機能等制限なし、最大限に選手の創作力を生かす);

🌱  ミニ缶の包装ケース、茶の具の包装ケース


🌿 Deep understanding of tea culture demands in modern era, which shall be presented in your design work. (analysis graph is ok);

🌿 Your design shall deconstruct the image and people’s cognition of traditional tea culture in anindividual way, while maintain key elements in traditional tea culture;

🌿 Your design shall be fashionable and can stimulate interest in tea and tea culture of the young;

🌿Your design shall be economic, practicable and aesthetic. Besides, your design shall be easy to be realized and manufactured in low cost and large scale;

🌿 Environmental protection will be a plus.


🌿 新世代の茶文化ニーズを深く洞察し、図面或いはそのほかの方法で分析し、そして成果の中で適度に表現する;

🌿 デザインは、個性的に伝統茶文化のイメージと認知を解体すると同時に、伝統茶文化(例えば、造、別、火、水、炙、末、煮、飲等)の素晴らしい元素を保留して、新しいライフスタイルの中にこれらの元素の応用法を創り、現代人の簡約、便利の使用習慣に合致し、茶文化の新しいイメージを作り出さなければならない;

🌿 デザインは、時代嗅覚を持ち、若い世代が茶文化に対する興味を引き起こすものでなけらばならない;

🌿 デザインは、工業設計の基本要求に満たす必要がある:エコ、実用性、美しい外観。デザイン自身はある程度の操作性と実行性を持ち、そして、量産可能で、コストコントロールにも良いものでなけらばならない;

🌿 以上の要求を満たした上で、環境保全の要素を考慮したデザインは加点の対象になる。

A scheme shall be presented in two or three A2 sheets in a clear, vertical way and in readable format (with a 10mm page margin) and include following parts:

-Descriptive text within 300 words (except notes);

-Registration No. shall be put in the upper right corner of the sheets, in Arial 20pt font;

-Elevation, isometric drawing (rendering), detail drawing, model image or exploded drawing;

A maximum of three A2 sheets in JPG format (no larger than 20MB for each) can be submitted;

A scheme title shall be named; the scheme shall be saved in the “registration No. – scheme title – sheet No.1/No.2/No.3” format;

A scheme shall be submitted in bilingual (for Chinese-speaking entrants) or English (for English-speaking entrants) or Janpanese;

A scheme must not include ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION (Name, Organization, School, etc.) that may give away your identity;

Please do not compress your files.

The cover must be submitted online which should be a rendering of your design work; it must be uploaded in the size of 1024×768 pixels,72 dpi, less than 500 KB.

(Please conform to the above Entry Requirements; any entry that fails to follow these items may be disqualified.)


❶ 方案は2-3枚のA2ページに完全に示し、図面がはっきりし、標註が読める(余白10mm);



-応募番号:図面上右隅。番号書体:Arial フォントサイズ:20;


❷ すべての図面配置はA2ページ3枚分を超えてはならない。提出は統一のJPG拡張子で、一枚ずつの図面のサイズは20MBを超えてはならない。

❸ 参加作品は、各自でタイトル名を決め、作品図面は「応募番号-作品名-01/02/03」の形式で名前を付ける。

❹ 作品提出用言語:中国語/英語/日本語。

❺ すべての図面と文字説明の中に個人情報を漏らさないように、例えば個人の名前、学校名等。

❻ すべての図面と説明文字の提出の際、圧縮失敗とアクセス失敗を防ぐため、圧縮をかけないでください。

❼ 作品は、表紙をアップしなくてはならない。表紙は単独の作品レンダーリング図となるべき、サイズは1024×768、72dpi、500KB以内でなければならない。


🌱 This competition is open to professional designers and students of all ages with industry-specific background or design enthusiasts across the world;

🌱 Each group (three members at most) shall submit only one entry;

🌱 Each participant has to register on our website; for any question, please visit our website.


🌱 デザイン関係、アート関係のすべての在職者、学生、趣味お持ちの方は参加資格があり、国籍と年齢制限はない。

🌱 チーム参加可で、各チームの人数が3名超えてはならない、各チームの参加は一作品に限る。

🌱 チームすべてのメンバーはオフィシャルサイトで登録するべく、よくある質問は、オフィシャルサイトのQ&Aご参照。

2018.11.27 Call for entries

2019.02.07 Registration deadline

2019.02.14 Submission deadline

2019.02.26 Release of shortlisted winners

2019.03.12 Release of Top 30 & Public Voting (account for 20% on Top 10 selecting)

2019.03.20 Release of Top 10

TBD Ceremony of Top 3 & Champion

The timeline is just for your reference not the final version.


☞ 2018.11.27 応募スタート

 2019.02.07 応募締切

 2019.02.14 作品提出締切

☞ 2019.02.26 ノミネート発表

☞ 2019.03.12 Top 30発表&一般投票(30から10選定、一般投票は20%占め)

☞ 2019.03.20 Top 10発表

☞ 未定   Top 3及びチャンピョン発表式


🌱Please register by logging into our website:

🌱For the latest information about this competition, please follow our official WeChat account: youngbirdplan-cn or our official Weibo account: @YoungBirdPlan;

🌱You can directly contact the competition team by add YoungBirdPlan as one of your Wechat friends. We remain at your service here for any further questions you may have.


🌱 オフィシャルサイトに登録後、即時応募可。

🌱 微信(wechat)オフィシャルID:youngbirdplan-cn;オフィシャル微博(weibo)をフォローして、コンテストの最新情報を随時に手に入れる。

🌱 質問があれば、個人の微信ID:youngbirdplanに友人追加してお問い合わせ可。

Xiao Guan Tea

Xiao Guan Tea, a high-end Chinese tea brand with various categories, is born under the trend of Chinese cultural renaissance and consumption upgrading. To solve the most basic problems of tea purchase, drinking and delivery, Xiao Guan Tea cooperates with eight tea masters and persists in making eight different teas with natural raw materials and traditional crafts. Meanwhile, Xiao Guan Tea invites Japanese designer Hideo Kambara and Apple Store designer Tim Kobe to bring a brand new experience of drinking traditional Chinese tea in an international perspective.

Young Bird Plan

Young Bird Plan, founded in 2013, is an international platform forhigh-quality design competitions. With three key elements: construction,mentor’s guidance and interdisciplinary jury, the platform makes every effortto create opportunities for young designers in China. On the one hand, it iscommitted to providing young designers with more practical opportunities withthe concept of “Competition makes a different world” . On the other hand, itconstantly connects and meets various demands from political, business, andacademic circles and actively fills supply and demand gaps among designers,manufacturers, developers, urban operators and users. As a result, designcompetition projects and related products focusing on urban space and dailylife will be further promoted and perfectly made, which contributes to theurbanization in China. It is one of the most influential design competitionplatforms in the world.

In accordance withapplicable laws and regulations, by participating in this competition, eachEntrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the below statements about thecopyrights for all submissions.

1. Statement of Originality

All submissions must be original, and each Entrant shall ensure thathis/her entry does not infringe any third party’s rights, including patents,copyrights, trademarks, and so on. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualifiedfrom the competition, and the organizer will withdraw all the sponsorship moneyand materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability ofinfringement. All damages and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Entrant; and all the direct and indirect damages (including but not limited toattorney fees, legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs,notarial fees, and so on) suffered by the organizer shall be compensated by theEntrant.

2. Statement of Consent

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to publicly display theworks, and accepts the on-line selection process. And before uploading asubmission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has read and fullyunderstands all of the clauses, and accepts them. The judging panel reservesthe right to make a final decision on entry assessment andaward list.

The detailed Official Rules of this competition will be published onthe Young Bird Plan website soon. Please read them carefully.


Top 3 schemes will be fabricated by Xiao Guan Tea



First Prize

1 winner; 60,000 RMB (pre-tax); 20 jars of tea; 2.0 version tea set

★ チャンピョン賞金(1名):人民元60,000元(税前);黒缶シリーズ+2.0茶の具(ビジネスタイプ保温保冷カップ)


Second Prize

2 winners; 20,000 RMB each (pre-tax); 10 jars of golden-edition tea; 10 jars of silver-edition tea; 2.0 version tea set

★ Top3賞金(2名):人民元20,000元(税前);金缶シリーズ+ビジネス旅行タイプ水筒。


Top 10

7 winners; silver-edition tea; if the winner do not graduate from school, he or she will be offered an opportunity to practise or work in headquarter of Xiao Guan Tea Group.

★ Top 10(7名):銀缶シリーズ;Top10は学生であれば、ミニ缶茶本部で実習、就職のチャンスを与える。


Top 30

20 winners; Top 30 honor of certificate

★ Top 30(20名):Top 30受賞証書



Finalist certificate



All winners (include shortlists) will be awarded YOUNG BIRDS Magazine of 5th anniversary edition; winning schemes will be published on media platforms of Young Bird Plan and its magazines.

すべての受賞選手(ノミネート選手含め)は、Young Bird Plan 5周年記念雑誌1部を獲得できる。作品はYoung Bird Planサイトに発表される機会があり、出版物を注文することができる。

KOL introduction


We will complement and update the following Q&A irregularly according to contestants’ future questions.

About Submission

Q: How can I join this competition as a team?

A: When filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter a team name, and then click the Create button. The team creator will be the leader who has rights to approve team member, and upload the entry.

As a team member, you shall register an account as well, and when filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter your team name, click the Join button, and then wait for your team leader to approve.

A team can have a maximum of three participants.


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A: No. In order to protect all contestants’ rights, once you’ve confirmed your identity, it cannot be changed ever. Please be cautious.


Q: How can I obtain the registration No. of this competition?

A: After filling the registration form, you will receive a Registration No. (initial letters are YB). Or you can find it by clicking the button in the lower right corner of this competition on the page of “My competitions”.


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