Young Bird Plan 2018 Suzhou Dayang Mountain Slow Traffic System Conceptual Design Competition

2018-07-26 ~ 2018-10-10
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Urban design

Competition introduction

The competition aims to maximize innovation in an international vision and utilize site resources creatively in order to tap its potential to the full. By designing a slow traffic system, We hope to transform the region of Dayang Mountain into a melting pot for slow walking in the city which may also strengthen the connection among various functional districts, decrease a sense of isolation between Dayang Mountain and other districts, satisfy the spatial demands of citizens and improve people’s living standards. Existing problems and urban spatial quality should be fully considered and closely connected during the design. Designers have to ensure their schemes are reasonable and practical. Schemes are expected to improve urban quality and further promote brand image of Dayang Mountain. Your design shall optimize the comprehensive spatial quality in the city and strengthen its competitiveness. This competition is launched by Young Bird Plan, an international competition platform, Suzhou New District and Vanke Group.

Suzhou Dayang Mountain National Forest Park, the site, is located in Xushuguan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Suzhou New District. It stretches from Taihu Avenue on the south side, Xingxian Road on the north, Lake Taihu on the west, and Yangshan Ring Road on the east. 10 kilometers from downtown Suzhou, the site covers an area of 2000 hectares with 1002 hectares area covered by forest. That’s the reason it gains a reputation as “Green lung for the city”. The park also features various tourist attractions, including Wenshu Temple and Moya Stone Carving, providing abundant and enjoyable experience for all walkers. 

Map of Suzhou

Site Location

Scene 1-A long shot of Dayang Mountain

Scene 2-Wenshu Temple in Dayang Mountain

This competition challenges creative minds to envision a slow traffic system within the Dayang Mountain National Forest Park and its eastern neighborhood until Jian Lin Road. The site contains a mix of residential, commercial, and tourism uses. These places need to be integrated and energized by a scheme, in order to elevate the qualities of spaces and people’s life, strengthen the connections between different functions, and uncover the potential values of local area.

Scene 3-A long shot of Banshan Pavilion

Scene 4-A close-up of Banshan Pavilion

This competition aims to improve spatial connectivity and qualities based on different users’ practical needs for better life, environment and culture. It seeks creative and suitable schemes that carefully consider people’s daily demands and habits, solve hidden problems ahead, create livable places, and explore new approaches to achieving the functional integration of different areas, including tourist attractions, residential and commercial areas.

Scene 5-An aerial view from halfway up the mountain

Scene 6-Yuri Pavilion

The Jury:

The Mentor:

The mentor will have the right to promote one entrant out of the Top 30 who will have an equal chance to be one of Top 10 winners.

Shuhei AOYAMA was born in Hiroshima, Japan, 1980. He graduated from Osaka University in 2003,two years after, to study at the Tokyo University awarded his Master degree. He worked for SAKO Architects as a principal architect designed Tanggu Yuanyang International Primary School between 2005 and 2012. In 2008,he received a silver award from JCD Design Award. He was invited to be a lecturer at College of Architecture and Arts, North China University of Technology since 2012, and set up B.L.U.E Architecture Studio in Beijing in 2014. In 2016, he was listed as one of the 10 most brilliant developing designer with Chinese interior design by China Building Decoration Association in 2016.  

His important architectural work includes “Nan Luo Gu Xiang Residential Yard Conversion”,awarded a sliver from China Building Decoration Association in 2016,  “L house in Dengshikou Hutong ”,“ Lost and found furniture store in Beijing”, “The community of 400 cube in House Vision”, “Withwheat Stores located in Xidan ,Wangjing,Fuli and Humao,Bejing ”.

This competition invites global designers to creatively utilize the local resources and further draw out the site’s potential, by a slow traffic system. It also shall be able to satisfy multiple needs for urban spaces, and be conducive to the quality of people’s life and even the whole city. What’s more, the scheme needs to be helpful to enhance the competitiveness of local spaces on a reasonable and practicable basis. 

Case 1-Concept Design for Qianhai Monument Landscape Island (Third Prize)

Case 2-Riverwalk Masterplan on Industrial Site at Oregon’s Willamette Falls

Case 3-China Fuzhou Jin Niu Shan Trans-urban Connector by Look Architects

Case 4-Landscape and architecture along the national tour route in Norway

Case 5-High Line Park in New York

A 48-year-old male office worker: lives in high-end apartment of Vanke; works over 14 hours per day with high efficiency; concerns about life quality and self health; has a high standard towards food and drinks and other domestic trivia; prefers jogging at night to keep fit and walking at weekends; participates in cross-country races and outdoor activities regularly.


🍑 A 60-year-old fruit farmer: lives and farms in Shushan Village of Dayang Mountain; mainly sells seasonal fruits like apples and pears; a group of fruit farmers work together to further expand their products system and even expect to develop into an industry; convenient traffic is expected to attract tourists and local people which may improve the sales while strengthen its promotion.

Location Icon

🚵🏻‍♀️ A 32-year-old cycling fanatic: lives in Suzhou; rides regularly; makes friends with many cycling fanatics and organizes cycling activities at weekends; has a high standard for riding route with flat path and fresh air; appropriate distance should be designed between cycling space and walking space; the more cycling routes the better (routines going around the mountain, mountainous routine and combined cycling routes); hopes to enjoy the landscape along the routine and experiences the great charm of the nature. 

👪A family of three: lives in the nearby city (driving distance: 1.5h-2h); expect to have a short-term tourism at weekends; hopes to enjoy convenient travelling while experience natural life; the slow traffic system is expected to integrate abundant tourism resources, meanwhile, roads for non-motor vehicles should ensure safety for children. There are many hot tourist attractions nearby like Suzhou Amusement Land, Forest Waterworld, Ever-joy Hop Spring, Tree Hill Eco-village, Botanical Garden and Wenshu Temple.

The below are four main evaluation criteria:

 Satisfy spatial demands of different user personas (listed above), and design traffic flow as accurately as possible;

 Develop an interactive relationship between the project and its surrounding areas, be open and inclusive.

 Be creative, practical, feasible, and artistic;

 Respect local culture and history, connect to the land and the people, have dialogues with the context.

A scheme shall be presented in three A2 sheets in a clear, vertical way and in readable format (with a 10mm page margin) and include following parts:

-Descriptive text including technical-economic indices no longer than 300 English words (except notes);

-RegistrationNo. shall be put on the upper right corner of the sheets, in Arial 20pt font;

-A scheme shall contain design description, site plan, analysis of the site plan and traffic flow, node drawing, elevation, section, axis-measuring drawing or perspective drawing, program evolution drawing, concept analysis diagram, renderings for different space and other details;

A maximum of three A2 sheets in JPG format (no larger than 20MB for each) can be submitted.

The sheets name shall be in the “registration No. – scheme title – sheet No.1/No.2/No.3” format.

A scheme shall be in bilingual (for Chinese-speaking entrants) or in English (for English-speaking entrants).

A scheme must not include ANY INFORMATION (Name, Organization, School, etc.) that may give away your identity.

A scheme shall be in the following order: photo 1 should contain design description and overall analysis; photo 2 should contain traffic flow and analysis of different population groups; photo 3 should contain perspective drawing, other analysis, node drawing and other details.

The cover shall be submitted online to display the rendering for your design; it must be uploaded in the size of 1024×768 pixels,72 dpi, less than 500 KB.

(Please conform to the above Entry Requirements; any entry that fails to follow these items may be disqualified.)

Example 1: Analysis of overall landscape system

Example 2: Perspective/axis-measuring/section drawing of partial landscape

Example 3: Renderings

🏮 This competition is open to professional designers and students of all ages with industry-specific background or design enthusiasts across the world;

🏮 Each group (three members at most) shall submit only one entry;

🏮 Each participant has to register on our website; for any question, please visit our website.

2018.07.28            Call for entries 

2018.09.30            Registration Deadline 

2018.10.10            Submission Deadline 

2018.10.19            Release of Top 100 

2018.11.02            Release of Top 30 

2018.11.09            Release of Top 3 

2018.11.16            Release of the Champion

⛩ Site information (PDF & JPG);

⛩ Aerial photo of the project site; 

⛩ Photo of master plan and regulatory detailed plan;

⛩ Part of relative scene description;

⛩ Mapbox photo of the site;

⛩ Functions and space information of the site.

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, by participating in this competition, each Entrant irrevocably agrees to abide by the below statements about the copyrights for all submissions. 

1. Statement of Originality

All submissions must be original, and each Entrant shall ensure that his/her entry does not infringe any third party’s rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and so on. Otherwise, the Entrant will be disqualified from the competition, and the organizer will withdraw all the sponsorship money and materials and reserve the right to investigate and affix legal liability of infringement. All damages and losses arising therefrom shall be borne by the Entrant; and all the direct and indirect damages (including but not limited to attorney fees, legal fees, costs of preservation, appraisal costs, notarial fees, and so on) suffered by the organizer shall be compensated by the Entrant.


2. Statement of Consent

By submitting an entry, each Entrant agrees to publicly display the works, and accepts the on-line selection process. And before uploading a submission, each Entrant must confirm that he/she has read and fully understands all of the clauses, and accepts them. The judging panel reserves the right to make a final decision on entry assessment and award list. 

The detailed Official Rules of this competition will be published on the Young Bird Plan website soon. Please read them carefully.


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 First Prize

1 winner; RMB 100,000 (pre-tax; no overlap with the other Top 3 prizes); Certificate of Award.

 Top 3 (except the first prize)

2 winners; 20,000 RMB for each (pre-tax); Certificate of Award.

TOP 3 schemes will be adopted by local government in the future project.

 Top 10

10 winners; each group will gain an opportunity offered by Vanke Group to design a sculpture installation of interactive landscape (budget for each project is limited to RMB 80,000), and RMB 10,000 Design Fee; completed installations will be put in Vanke communities; Certificate of Award.

 People’s Choice Award

1 winner, Certificate of Award

 School-level champions will be awarded Certificate of Award and recommended to work in famous design institutes or developer companies.

 Top 100: Certificate of Award;YoungBirds Magazine.

 All winners would be awarded Certificate and published on YoungBirdPlan official website and YoungBirds Magazine.

KOL introduction


We will complement and update the following Q&A irregularly according to contestants’ future questions.

About Design

Q: Is there a cad or dwg file of the site in the information kit?

A: No. But we have the colored image of site information (PDF) with specified data. Hope that helps.


Q: Shall I design a new route which is completely different from the present one, or rebuild it based on the site’s current situation? Is there any limitation on the length of the scheme? 

A: We suggest you utilize the present roads and paths in the site, and reconstruct them. There is no limitation on the length. 


About Submission

Q: How can I join this competition as a team?

A: When filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter a team name, and then click the Create button. The team creator will be the leader who has rights to approve team member, and upload the entry.

As a team member, you shall register an account as well, and when filling the registration form, you need to choose your identity as a Team, enter your team name, click the Join button, and then wait for your team leader to approve.

A team can have a maximum of three participants.


Q: As a team leader, where can I approve my member?

A: You can do it by clicking the “Group” button in the lower right corner of this competition on the page of “My competitions”.


Q: Can I change my identity as an Individual or a Team after I register?

A: No. In order to protect all contestants’ rights, once you’ve confirmed your identity, it cannot be changed ever. Please be cautious.


Q: How can I obtain the registration No. of this competition?

A: After filling the registration form, you will receive a Registration No. (initial letters are YB). Or you can find it by clicking the button in the lower right corner of this competition on the page of “My competitions”.


Q: I have other questions, how can I contact with the competition team?

A: You can send us your questions by adding YoungBirdPlan as one of your WeChat friends or just by email strictly according to the form below:

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