2019 “Jizhun” Cup Architectural Design Competition for University Students —— City Waterfront Art Museum

2019-09-01 ~ 2019-10-15
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Architecture design

Competition introduction

Type:Architectural Design

Organizer:Chengdu JZFZ Architectural Design Co., Ltd.

Co-organizers:School of Architecture at Tianjin University, School of Architecture & Fine Art at Dalian University of Technology

Participants: Full-time students (including post graduate) from colleges and universities,and students graduated after September 2018.

Registration deadline2019/10/15


As we all known, most cities are built near water bodies. Rivers, lakes and oceans of a city are often in close relation to the city spirit. We always can feel the city personality through its water front.For example, we naturally associate the Seine River with the romance of the Seine, Shanghai with the prosperity of Huangpu River, and Barcelona with the splendid Mediterranean coast …

However, in the current tide of architectural style convergence in the world, how to reflect the characteristics of different cities through architecture, embody the lifestyle of different city residents, and map the unique culture of different cities has become the striving direction of architect. It is the destiny of the architects to pass the architecture locality through their unique views on city culture to city residents and foreign tourists.

Of course, art is also a way for people to understand the city. It more directly reflects the cultural concepts and thoughts of people living in different cities. In this competition, we hope that the contestants choose one city in the word, and design an artistic space located on the city’s waterfront that reflects the city’s culture, history and lifestyle and conveys the personalities of different cities. At the same time, this artistic space is also a medium for citizens and tourists to feel the city and a container carrying the stories with city characteristics.


2019 “Jizhun” Cup Architectural Design Competition for University Students

Invite dreamers to create a multi-dimensional artistic space


Design Content:City Waterfront Artistic Space

• Contestants should choose the waterfront of any city in the world. The waterfront site should include some water area and waterfront landscapes, where the buildings and landscapes should be considered as a whole, to ensure harmony and unity.

• The selected waterfront should be real, and its buildings and landscapes should reflect the local historical, cultural and meteorological conditions.

• The artistic space should meet the daily cultural life needs of citizens, and its functions may include but are not limited to indoor exhibition halls, cafes, food courts, cinemas, and outdoor exhibition halls. It is suggested that the built-up area should not be less than 8,000 m². Contestants can adjust the area size according to actual conditions.

• The design plan should reflect the local cultural attributes, accomodate the living habits of local residents, and highlight the characteristics of a city.


Purpose of Competition

• Help the new generation of architects to think about the “locality” of architecture.

• Help the new generation of architects to better understand the impact of the surrounding environment on architectures.

• Help the new generation of architects to better rethink the relationship between architecture and landscape.

• Help the new generation of architects to think about the relationship between city and architecture in the context of city.




( without ranking )



( without ranking )


– Registration

Sept.1, 2019 – Oct.15, 2019

Website: jdc.jzfz.com.cn

– Submission of Works

Before Oct.25, 2019

Submission website: jdc.jzfz.com.cn

– Preliminary Selection

Oct.26, 2019 – Nov.2, 2019

List of Finalists

Nov.3, 2019

Announcement: jdc.jzfz.com.cn

WeChat official account of JZFZ

– Final Preparation

Nov.4 2019 – Nov.21, 2019

Preparation of physical model

– Defense and Awards

Nov.23 2019 – Nov.24, 2019

Chengdu JZFZ Architectural Design Co., Ltd.(Chengdu, Sichuan)


Competition Process

1. Participants: full-time students (including post graduate) from colleges and universities,and students graduated after September 2018.

2. Form of participation: participate in the competition individually or in groups, with no more than 2 members in each group. Eachgroup is allowed to have no more than one tutor.

3. Way of registration: Submit your application at our official website jdc.jzfz.com.cn. No registration fee is required.

4. Contestants should submit electronic design works, and the Organizing Committee of this competition will not accept any paper design works;

5. The registration will be officially launched on September 1, 2019 and ended on October 15, 2019;

6. Contestants are required to submit their design works by October 25, 2019 through the competition website;

7. First round review: In the first round review, 12 finalists will be selected, and the list of finalists and the list of award-winning works will be announced on the website on November 3, 2019. The Organizer will notify those finalists by phone and email.

8. Final defense and awarding: November 23-24, 2019;

9. The finalists will be invited to Chengdu for the final defense.


Contents of Final

1. The finalists should make physical models (800*800*300 mm) for their design works. The model can be a multi-segment splicing model or a section expansion model. The Organizing Committee will assume a certain proportion of the cost for making the model. The contestants should finish the models before the final and submit it to the Organizing Committee for uniform exhibition.

2. The drawings of selected finalists will be uniformly produced and exhibited by the Organizing Committee.

3. If the contestants are students from colleges and universities in foreign countries, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions and cannot participate in the final defense at Chengdu, they can participate in the final defense via remote video.


If any contestant cannot be contacted before November 5, this contestant will be deemed to have abstained and the contestant ranking secondary to it will be eligible for the finalist.


Competition Rules

1. Contestants agree and abide by the contents and rules of competition. The Organizing Committee has the final right to interpret the competition rules.

2. Entries involving any one of the following circumstances will be considered as waiver.

• Works submitted after the deadline

• Submitted documents does not meet the standard, or are damaged or incomplete.

3. The contestants have the copyright of the entries, but the Organizer has the right to exercise other copyright rights other than the right of authorship of the entries, and use the entries for other purposes such as exhibition, publicity,and publication.

4. The entries must be original works that have not been publicly published and used for other Chinese and international architectural competitions, and shall not infringe upon the copyright, patent and other property rights of others.

5. The jury members of competition shall not serve as the instructor of contestants;

6. Each contestant can submit one design work only and shall not submit several design works;

7. Each group shall submit one entry only. Repeated submission is strictly prohibited. If it is found that the same entry has been submitted repeatedly, the Organizing Committee has the right to review any one of them only;

8. The entry information shall be subject to TXT in the final submissions.


Submission Requirements

1. No more than 3 (inclusive) A1 (841mm*594mm) electronic drawings of horizontal layout shall be contained in the final submissions.

2. The drawing information includes but is not limited to the following contents: general plan, plans, elevations and profiles of buildings, overall aerial views, node perspective views, scheme analysis diagrams, renderings, etc. There is no requirement for scale.

3. Contestants can provide Chinese/English drawings or Chinese and English bilingual drawings.

4. Scale and size are in metric units.

5. The drawings shall not contain any information about colleges and universities and authors. Works that does not meet the drawing requirements shall be invalidated.

6. Contestants are required to submit a TXT file named after the author’s name, including such contents as the name of the work, registration number, participants, mobile phone number, e-mail address, QQ or WeChat account number (if any), full names of the college or university and major, name of the instructor (if any), and description of the work (within 500 words). The above contents are acceptable in both Chinese and English.


Format and naming requirements for submitted documents

Format: The submitted documents should be in zip, rar or other compressed file formats, and the name of the compressed file is “author name+login ID”.


1. Scheme drawings: JPG format, picture quality of not less than 300DPI, and naming after the entry name. At most three scheme drawings can be submitted, and the drawings shall not contain the identity and school logo of the contestant.

2. Text data: The text data shall be in TXT format and the TXT file shall be named after the name of the contestant. See the “Submission Requirements” for specific contents.

3. Other information: The Organizing Committee accepts but does not require the contestants to provide multimedia data in animation and other ways of presentation. If any, please name the multimedia data after the entry. The animation and multimedia data shall not contain the identity and school logo of the contestant.

File size: The compressed file shall not be greater than 200M.


Submission Website

The final submissions should be uploaded to the official website  jdc.jzfz.com.cn before 24:00 on October 25, 2019.

Once submitted, the entry cannot be modified. Please confirm the accuracy of the documents before submitting the entry.




1. First prize (1 person): certificate of award and bonus of RMB 40,000 (tax-inclusive)

2. Second prize (2 persons): certificate of award and bonus of RMB 20,000 (tax-inclusive)

3. Third prize (3 persons): certificate of award and bonus of RMB 8,000 (tax-inclusive)

4. Outstanding work prize (6 persons): certificate of award and bonus of RMB 2,000 (tax-inclusive)

5. Prize for finalist (30 persons): certificate of award and customized gift

6. Prize for most popular work: The entry winning the highest vote on the Internet


Other Awards

1. Prize winners will receive the offer for JZFZ’s Global Recruitment Program and have the opportunity to be selected into the Group Talent Program.

2. The winning entries will be exhibited and publicized in the artistic space of JZFZ.

3. The winning entries will be publicized in all cooperative media of the competition.



1. This competition is held for the students from colleges and universities. The Organizer will require the finalists and prize winners to provide the corresponding student identity certificates or graduation certificate. If it is found that anyone do not meet the competition qualification, the prize and bonus will not be granted. The prize and bonus of this disqualified contestant will be awarded to the next contestant in the ranking.

2. The bonus will be distributed based on entry, and the Organizer will not interfere in the distribution of bonus.

3. All prizes for entries will be decided by the jury through unified discussion. If the potential first prize entry fails to meet the requirements of the jury, the first prize will be deemed as vacancy.

4. The Organizing Committee of 2019 “Jizhun” Cup Architectural Design Competition for University Students reserves the final interpretation right of this competition.


Contact Us

If you have any questions about the competition system, rules and contents, please send an e-mail to:


The Organizing Committee will reply to your questions within 48 hours.


「About JZFZ」

Founded in 2002, JZFZ Architectural Design Co., Ltd.(“JZFZ”) is a first-rate large-scale comprehensive architectural design service enterprise in China.

By 2019, JZFZ had more than 7,200 employees and set up 21 branch and subsidiary corporations outside the headquarters, Chengdu.  Some projects have become local landmark buildings. In 2018, JZFZ ranked 3rd in the list of private enterprises in the civil architectural design market and 8th in the national ranking list.

Architecture and art are closely linked. In this era, the boundary of architectural function becomes more and more blurred, but the mining of architectural form and design concept is more and more profound. In the past seventeen years, relying on its own architectural strength, cultural background and brand influence, JZFZ has been striving to become the design experts of various types of architectures, promote the sustainable development of architecture, urban inland river, and society, and make the city life more artistic.

In this year, we invite you to design an artistic space for dialogue with the city to accommodate the city characteristics and stories.


Organizing Committee of 2019 “Jizhun” Cup

Architectural Design Competition for University Students

September 2019