Competition Interpretation | Growing Process of Ten Mascot Brands

Release Time 2019年5月8日

It has been over one month since Mascot International Design Competition’ 19 was launched by Young Bird Plan and the organizer received numerous questions on the design category. In order to help designers infinitely open up imagination of designers within a limited time, here we selected top ten successful mascots to share with you.

Disclaimer: The following sorts are in no particular order. Some pictures are from the Internet. The copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete.

01. Kumamon

Lovable image + humorous character + event marketingKumamon

As black is the major color of Kumamoto City, the lovable Kumanon was designed on the basis of black color and blush. The mascot soon becomes a super online celebrity due to its lovable image, humorous character and a series events marketing. And it is even more popular than the older generation representatives such as Doraemon.

Doll application

Sculpture Application

Figures and peripheral applications

02. KAWS Doll

Imagination + creative expression + brand-limited union


Since the birth of first-generation KAWS Doll in 1999, KAWS has promoted various versions of dolls each year, and the products will be sold out as soon as they are on the market. The imagination, creative expression and the brand-limited union make KAWS dolls one of the artworks of young collectors strive to collect.

KAWS series dolls

KAWS x Dior Pink Version BFF doll

“Hong Kong Art Month” KAWS giant doll floating in Hong Kong


Featured expressions + healing mind + attracting niche market

Molly series

Molly, a little girl with lake-green eyes was born in Hong Kong. 4 million of such fashionable dolls can be sold out in only one year. The first generation of Molly came out in the image of a little painter, inspired by the youngest daughter of the creator Kenny. Molly captures the hearts of the world with her savvy eyes and the curiosity to the world. In addition to the limitations of various seasons, the tide play culture is not in the minority in recent years.

Molly zodiac series

Molly fruit series

2019 Shanghai International Trend Toys Exhibition Molly and Minions Limited Edition


Break the classic mode + integrate with technology + follow the trend

Younger Version of KFC Colonel Sanders

The KFC mascot who grow with us has changed its new image, it turns into a handsome uncle with the abdominal muscles from an amiable grandpa with CG technology, while maintaining the original silver hair and the iconic white suit. Breaking the original image, integrating fashionable elements and catching the public’s eyes, all above factors make the new KFC grandfather popular among WeChat Moment.

The original image

The New image

Comics application

Work life applications

05.Instagram mascot

3D application, full of joy

Instagram’s logo mascot

The Instagram mascot designed by JC Rivera makes the flat logo stereoscopic and anthropomorphic. Although it is only a concept, the pre-production image has already attracted wide interest. This charming little guy is suitable for all Instagram App fans, because the Ins is developed to bring together interesting toys or people or any team.

Mascot prototype

Partial detail drawing


Abundant personalities + cute appearance


Snoopy, selected by NASA as its mascot, is a prototype of the Migru Beagle. He likes role-playing and is immersed in it. Because of the serialization of the American comic book Peanut Manga, his character and settings are enriched. Friends, children and brand owners are in the palm of your hand.

3D animation application

Figures application

Doll application


Unique mission + find lost blush for Kumamoto Bear


The mascot of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has large ears and eyes that help to find problems and call for help, but it is not some animal. Its name comes from the combination of people and police. Co-branded with the artist KAWS, it also promoted limited-edition doll.

Image vision application

Doll application

Co-branded doll with KAWS

08.Liu Kanshan

Rich knowledge reserve + have social account + often share life with the public

Liu Kanshan

Liu Kanshan is a mascot. The prototype is an Arctic fox which is a virtual character. It means sitting on the Arctic glaciers to see changes of the times, so it knows a lot of stories to share with you. With account in Zhihu, Sina Weibo, Liu Kanshan always share its travelling and life moments with fans.

Sharing the life in the Arctic

Figures applications

Image packaging applications


Independent character + social emotions+ offline celebrity shop


IP means brand, LINE FRIENDS was originally released as an emoticon in the social apps. Each cartoon image has its own story with emotions, flesh and blood, just like someone who really lives around us, so it was widely applied in social networks. Then LINE FRIEDNDS company has developed more than 400 kinds of nearly 7000 SKUs, so that these good friends can be active in every corner of public life, becoming a pop star.

Fashion application

Interior decoration application

Stationery and peripheral applications


Advertising star + multiple features + classic peripheral products


Anthropomorphic chocolate beans have five different colors and each of them has their own different personality characteristics. It was first appeared in advertising comics and an advertising animation, and soon become a memory of people’s childhood. It is increasingly popular in the world followed by the development of a variety of chocolates.

Image advertising application

Image chocolate bucket application

Fashion application

How to integrate the brand concept with the mascot to fully express your “young bird”?

We are looking forward to your creative design. More competition content can be found on Young Bird Plan official website.

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