Champion of “Guanish” Product Design International Competition Announced! Millennials Will Lead the New Trend of Tea Drinking

Release Time 2019年4月11日

After prudent evaluation and competitive voting respectively by interdisciplinary jury and the public, the champion of Xiao Guan Tea × Young Bird Plan 2018 “Guanish” Product Design International Competition stands out. Firstly, let’s congratulate to the champion group YBGUANISH-G99443 consisting of Kim Seung Kyun, Yoo Jaegon and Yoo Sanghee with their work “C-Tea”. Also Group YBGUANISH-G99425 consisting of Weng Haoxin, Liu Tianqi and Li Xiaomin with their work “Tea for Fun” and YB78083-S59892 of Anna Chau with her work “Tea Time” won Top 3.

Mr. Tim Kobe, one of the competition jury commented on the champion work as below, well designed and innovative use of components to enable a more easy going interaction with tea drinking. Efficient but not without a purity of design noted in only the best of design projects. Well considered user experience and structurally innovative. And Mr. Feng Chuxuan believes that this work has a sense of classic modernization.

Mr. Di Wei, design and development department director of Xiao Guan Tea, said:committed to establishing an international brand, Xiao Guan Tea always devotes itself to leading Chinese tea back to the worldwide market. We believe that tea will spread throughout the world without national border. We are glad to see so many active participants both abroad and at home engaging in this competition. The overall quality of submissions is really out of our expectation, especially those shortlisted works which inspire us with their creative ideas. And those ideas deserve to be pondered on and further explored as participants design for Xiao Guan Tea with their unique experiences and from their own perspectives. We hope that these young designers can pay more attention to modern tea culture, to Chinese tea, and to Xiao Guan Tea.

The submissions surprised me a lot during the evaluation, especially the work of C-Tea as it is nearly a product which can be manufactured,Mr. Di Wei said. And in his opinion, the work of C-Tea is a set of tea-drinking equipment which satisfies tea drinkers’ requirements based on its utilization of tea-drinking atmosphere. Besides, this work minimizes the barriers of drinking tea, which makes sense for the exploration of tea lifestyle. The other two Top 3 works each have a great breakthrough DNA, and their design concepts also provides a good thinking way for promoting modern Chinese tea culture. Mr. Di also said, “Top three works are all excellent and we hope that the winners can continue to think deeply and optimize their design based on characteristics of Xiao Guan Tea and their life experience. Finally, we will manufacture the Top 3 works. At the same time, we also welcome these outstanding award-winning designers to practice and work in Xiao Guan Tea. “

Participants design their works with their concepts inspired by various elements including local tea culture, tea-drinking style of Millennials and Xiao Guan Tea’s brand. And let’s have a look at their works interpretation.

Champion work of Xiao Guan Tea × Young Bird Plan 2018 “Guanish” Product Design International Competition:

►C-Tea (Compact Tea set)

Registration No.: YBGUANISH-G99443

Designers’ Profiles

Kim Seung Kyun (left) Yoo Jaegon (middle) Yoo Sanghee (right)

<Kim Seung Kyun>

Industrial design school of Hanyang University,

Momentum Studio

<Yoo Jaegon>

Industrial design school of Hanyang University,

Momentum Studio

<Yoo Sanghee>

Industrial design school of Hanyang University,

Momentum Studio

Design Interpretation

C-Tea is a combination of City and Tea, a symbol of youth. I wanted to make a design that helps young people find many advantages of tea culture. For the younger generation with high activity, the Tea Kit, designed to be portable, thought it was efficient to rearrange complex tea-tools.

C-Tea’s design combines ‘multi-tasking function’ and ‘module structure’. We’ve reduced the number of products needed for tea by efficiently arranging the products that are responsible for their unique functions. Each product is designed to fit together, so it can only be completed with one kit.

XIAO GUAN CHA’s package color reflects the color of the tea, which helps consumers easily identify the type of tea. And the golden logo of the package makes the image of Xiao guan cha more luxurious.

C-Tea’s structure is designed in a simple, mass-produced structure. In particular, connectivity structures that combine each other in a simple way can produce optimal performance at low cost.

Competition Interview

1.  Please talk about your understanding of Chinese tea culture based on your education background, working experience, living environment and local culture.

Most Korean consumers consume instant tea bags. Most of the generation enjoying tea ceremony is the elderly. There is a tendency to emphasize convenience and efficiency in Korea. To increase the consumption of tea worldwide, we have to consider tea products that are as comfortable as instant tea bags.

2. How to define and embody the style of drinking tea for millennials in your design?

In today’s world, the development of many industrial design is accelerating. People are gradually pursuing efficient and convenient ways. We also think the Tea culture should be provided in a more efficient way with the stability that can be gained by taking a break for modern people who also live busy lives.

3.   Did you learn about Xiao Guan Tea before your participation? Have you got a deeper understanding of the brand after the competition?

Information about Xiao Guan Cha has gained a lot of background knowledge as we begin preparing for this competition. We’ve been to Shanghai recently for a trip. We happened to have a chance to look around the Xiao guan cha store. Through this, we were able to understand Chinese people’s perception of tea and their level of consumption. We also think that the attractive luxury that the tea is trying to convey to people is an opportunity to see and touch the tea packages and related products in person and get to know them closely.

4.  During the public voting, we displayed all Top 30 works, and which one impressed you most?

 Among the many competitive works, we think the work called “Tea Time” was very interesting. Although the ideation process of design was different from that of our works, it was designed that was fundamentally considered by consumers, and we thought that the ideas to emphasize efficiency and convenience were the same as ours.

5.   What do you think makes you the champion of this competition?

We think our design capture the habits that people have in their daily lives and the experiences that modern people enjoy. Well-designed products should be visually recognizable and structurally simple. It is also a product of a harmonious reflection of culture, history and current trends. We have tried to scrutinize people’s perception of tea culture and related radius of behavior and reflect it in design.

6.   What motivates your participation, and what did you gain during the competition process? Say something about your current feeling.

Firstly, thanks for every Young Bird Plan’s community people. It is our honor to be able to introduce the design of the Momentum Studio to the world for the first time through a credible institution. We think people well understood our design philosophy. Also, thinking that the potential energy of Momentum Studio has been recognized by professional designers and directors in this field, you will be confident in your future design activities.

Designers’ showtime

1. Due to continuously increasing consumption level, Chinese market sees great upgrade of instant consumption. What’s your opinion of the consumption upgrade?

As the level of consumption increases, consumers are also becoming more aware of their products. More and more consumers are looking for reasonable and beautiful products around the world, and Korea seems to have the same tendency. I think there is a market economy in which only beautiful and functional designs are chosen by smart consumers. 

2.Which master do you appreciate most? Do he or she has an impact on your design in this competition?

We want to think of Louis Henry Sullivan, the architect and designer. As he said, we think design is made of beautiful shapes according to its function. I wanted to make a rational beauty for a reasonable reason.

3. Please introduce your own studio and show some of your projects.

Momentum Studio is a design agency founded by designers in three areas: product design, furniture design, and footwear design. Designers with different perspectives in different fields use various design language to make projects more outstanding based on these strengths, and also we pursue organic design where we can find elements of ideas, designs, styling, and so on.

Project Birdbox

People often put in cages to keep beautiful birds away from flying away. Bird Box is a versatile stool inspired by birds and a cage around him. The user keeps the valuable items directly in the frame of the stool, which will be reborn as an object displayed in the showcase.

Project Gaming Headset

Based on the concept of cyberpunk wave. It’s not just a normal headset also had powerful vibrate function and its visual take the gamers into the cyber world.

4. What is your plan for the next 3 to 5 years?

We will continue to strive to produce products with the Momentum Studio’s creative idea. Currently, we are doing domestic-oriented design activities based on Korea, but we are planning to make various products that can promote us even more in the near future.

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Congratulations to the champion!

The above represents only the winners’ personal opinion but not the opinion or policy of the organizer and co-organizer.