3XN’s International Olympic Committee HQ to be inaugurated on June 23

Release Time 2019年6月11日

Since our last construction update, 3XN‘s International Olympic Committee Headquarters in Lausanne will be inaugurated during international Olympic Day on June 23. Back in 2014, the Danish practice won the competition to design the new IOC HQ, which will bring together about 500 employees under one roof. 3XN teamed up with Swiss architecture firm IttenBrechbühl to oversee construction of the project.

3XN prioritized movement, transparency, flexibility, sustainability, and collaboration in their design — in reference to the Olympic Movement’s core values. Situated on a public park on the shores of Lake Geneva, the building features an undulating facade that emulates the energy and graceful movements of an Olympic athlete, the firm says. Inspired by the Olympic Rings, the spiraling Unity Staircase connects the building’s five floors through a central atrium and helps define an area for social activity and movement. Exhibition spaces, a cafeteria, and meeting room are also arranged around the central staircase. According to the design team, 95 percent of the materials from the former administrative buildings on the site were reused or recycled in building the new headquarters.

“Our design prioritizes transparency and flow to facilitate and encourage interaction, communication and knowledge sharing, and to create a highly efficient and sustainable workspace,” said Kim Herforth Nielsen, 3XN co-founder and principal, in a statement.