A model designer who has been active in the scene for 55 years

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In the United States, there is a veteran designer called Joe Ruggiero. As one of America’s most trusted design authorities, he has created numerous stylish and sophisticated environments that are affordable for consumers from all walks of life during his 55-year career and has become a household name because of his acute marketing sense.

Joe Ruggiero is a leader in identifying trends and translating them into design ideas that have been embraced by consumers worldwide. Over the past few years, he has shown upregularly at fashion shows in places like New York, Paris, Milan and London. In his mind, only by keeping abreast of the latest color and pattern trends, could interior designers become the pioneer of new fads.

Joe Ruggiero has evendesigned fashion collections using home textiles

Joe Ruggiero, the former advertising director for Westpoint Pepperell, excels at marketing. In the 1970s when other designers buried themselves in drawings and oversaw programs fortheir clients, he had already started producing, directing and hosting multiple home design television series. And afterwards he established himself as a multi-media design authority to consumers.

One of Joe’s home design TV series unveiled the interiors of the UK Embassy to the US.

Joe once interviewed the then director of the Visitors Office for the White House in one of his TV series that showed the diversity of White House’s interior styles and daily operation.

Joe capitalized on the legendary interest consumers have in celebrities by creating “A Visitto Le Jonchet”, in the country home of French designer Hubert De Givenchy.

The “Homes Across America” that he hosted, introduced to its audience celebrities’ luxury residences and special types of condominiums in different parts of the nation.

For nine years, he was Chief Design Consultant to the PBS award-winning series, “This Old House”, where he designed and decorated nine houses for the program. The series, which premiered in 1979, has aired for 36 seasons.

“I’d like to make any rooma ‘living room’, and I design for people who live in their homes.”

— Joe Ruggiero

After being active in the interior design scene for more than a half century, Ruggiero is well-known for his ability to identify what consumers are looking for and show them how to create it from both an aesthetic and practical point-of-view. Then as host and producer of multiple home design TV series aired worldwide, Ruggiero has had his work welcomed into the homes of 84 million households.

A long-term fabrics designer for Sunbrella®, Joe Ruggiero launches his eponymous collections on a regular basis. The brand’s incredibly soft fabrics that are available in a kaleidoscope of colors and designs with unparalleled performance facilitate the realization of Joe’s ideas. Inspired by the fashion show trends, the veteran has created a wide range of Sunbrella® fabrics collections, and his own offerings that deliver exceptional beauty and performance.

A long-term fabrics designer for Sunbrella®, Joe Ruggiero launches his eponymous collections on a regular basis.

Sunbrella®’s patented dying techniques could evenly disperse the dye into fibers. Traditional techniques are like radish: if cut in half, it is red outside and white inside. But with Sunbrella®, it’s like a carrot; if cut in half, it is orange through and through. Sunbrella® offerings could last five to ten years without fading and so durable that they carry a warranty.

Sunbrella® fabrics could block no less than 95% of UV rays, with a 50-plus UPF rating well above the global standards. The offerings are thus highly recommended by non-profit organizations such as the Skin Cancer Foundation, which is dedicated to consumer education concerning the harmful effects of UV exposure.

Sunbrella® has been certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute (GEI) as a low-emitting product. The brand has also received the Greenguard Children & Schools Certification. Its fabrics can also be used indoors and contribute to healthy indoor air.

Sunbrella® fabrics are known for ease of cleaning due to their special finish that is both water repellent and dirt resistant. For day-to-day maintenance, you only need to brush off loose dirt, rinse and clean with a mild, lukewarm soapy solution, rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. To clean stubborn stains, you could soak the fabric into a 100% bleach solution for up to15 minutes and rinse and clean thoroughly and the fabric won’t be discolored.

From basic canvas and classic stripe patterns to luxuriously soft textures and intricate jacquards, the 2016-2017 Sunbrella® Upholstery Collection of over two hundred styles canelevateany setting – indoors or out – with exceptional beauty for every aesthetic. And like all Sunbrella® fabrics, every textile in this collection is fade-resistant, durable, UV-resistant and bleach-cleanable, delivering upscale style that’s easy to care for and maintain.

2016-2017 Sunbrella® Upholstery Collection

Sunbrella® Icon Collection draws inspiration from the brand’s archives, reflecting the enduring energy and optimism of the 1960s and 1970s. The spirit of the styles that featured the inaugural Sunbrella® collection of 1961 and a 1970s apparel knit collection combine timeless style with legendary performance.

Sunbrella® Icon Collection

Embracing the future while honoring the past, the Sunbrella® Shift Collection offers a contemporary take on classic patterns with coordinating fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create unique combinations. Featuring the performance and beauty you can expectfrom Sunbrella®, fabrics in this collection are incredibly durable and meet ACT standards for use in high-traffic areas, which have inspired architects, interior designers, landscape designers and alike in their creations.

Sunbrella® Shift Collection

Apart from elevating home settings, the diversity of Sunbrella® fabrics can also be applied outdoors, shades in particular.

Shades that are regularly spotted on the streets:

The Sunbrella® shade collections deliver the ultimate in UV protection and color uniformity and more importantly, help enhance the outdoor space.

Sunbrella® , born of a vibrant palette and one-of-a-kind designs combined with a rich heritage, is a vivid illustration of the brand new philosophy of “life inspired by performance fabrics” by bringing quality home life to its customers.


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