Didi Dighomi Mini-City

Release Time: March 28, 2020

3000 new homes, a state of the art shopping mall, cinema, office and leisure facilities.

Simone de Gale Architects are delighted to be working with Georgian Authorities to propose a
game-changing development of 525,500 sq.m in Tbilisi, Georgia, ‘Didi Dighomi MiniCity”.

The exciting new development will be a Public Business Zone 1 complex comprising state of
the art shopping centre, cinema, leisure facilities, a luxury public park, office, commercial spaces and around 3000 new homes.

The first of its kind development in the north-west area of Georgia’s capital, Didi Dighomi will

be a vital part of Tbilisi’s regeneration, and will create thousands of new jobs for people in and

around Tbilisi and further afield. As well as providing new long-term employment, the complex

will utilize local materials and labour, manufacturing resources and an array of auxiliary services

in order to provide a much-needed boost to the area and attract local and international

investment and visitors from all over the world.

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