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New Japanese Style = Roof that is Continuous Like a Strap

Release Time: September 20, 2022


Project Name: Mito City Shimoirino Health Promotion Center


Project Location: Shimoirino-Cho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan


Gross Built Area: 4294.60㎡


Main Structure: RC+S


Completion Year: July 2021


Design Team: MIKAMI Architects


Lead Architects: Kazuhiko Mashiko


Engineering: MIKAMI Architects


Photo Credits: Kouji Horiuchi

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△Meandering continuous glass curtain wall©KOUJI HORIUCHI


The site is located in the eastern hills away from the center of Mito City. As a result of the search to avoid different types of foundation structures and to use direct foundations, a strap-like shape emerged, which defined the building's layout and external form.

△Mito City Shimoirino Health Promotion Center©KOUJI HORIUCHI


The height of the roof eaves has been kept constant and low to give the roof a Japanese appearance. The ceiling is continuous from the eave to the interior space. The walls are almost glazed, creating an unframed visual connection and a Japanese-style ambiguous boundary between the interior and exterior. The roof runs from a straight line through a cone-shaped part and stretches out in various directions. Then, the bent triangular roof surface connects to the straight roof with different depths and slopes.

△Overlooking the top of the facility©MIKAMI Architects


This Japanese-style building is integrated into the surrounding environment. The low eaves and gently sloping roof give a sense of intimacy. The advantages of keeping the height of the building low are that it is not only easy to maintain and does not obstruct the surrounding views, but also minimizes the impact of sunlight on the farmland to the north.

△Japanese style with gentle low eaves©KOUJI HORIUCHI


It is also conveniently located at the corner of a crossroad. The parking lot is adjacent to the facility and the outdoor playground, for the public in all directions. Considering the needs of people with limited mobility and families with elderly and children, a portion of the building extends into the parking lot as a porch for shelter from the wind and rain, with a parking area underneath and a one-way system throughout the lot to ensure safe driving.

△Parking lot view©KOUJI HORIUCHI

△Porch for protection from wind and rain©KOUJI HORIUCHI


On the exterior of the building, by using the glass walls, it gets good natural light, allowing users to immerse themselves in unobstructed panoramic views and creating a lively scene in the surrounding area. While in the interior, the active use of wooden materials created a warm and intimate atmosphere.

△Curving hallway©KOUJI HORIUCHI

△Interior space©KOUJI HORIUCHI


The main functions of the facility include a gymnasium, various activity rooms, a swimming pool, and a bathhouse with a sauna. By concentrating the main use space on the first floor and placing the frequently used fitness, swimming, bathing, and changing rooms in the center, the distance to each area has been shortened, thus greatly improving the visitor's experience.

△Facility cross-section©MIKAMI Architects

△Internal functions©MIKAMI Architects

△Stairs leading to the pool gallery©KOUJI HORIUCHI



It has become a "healing space" for many visitors. After a sweaty workout, you can not only take a shower but also stretch your body and relieve fatigue in the open-air baths and saunas. The facility also includes a lounge space adjacent to the atrium with a table and chair lounge area and tatami space, a conference room that can be divided into two rooms with a capacity of approximately 40 to 50 people, a management room, and a staff lounge.

△Open-air bath©KOUJI HORIUCHI


△Tatami corner©KOUJI HORIUCHI



The main structure of the building is a durable, fire-resistant reinforced concrete structure. A steel frame structure consisting of small cross-sectional materials has been used in more open areas such as the swimming pool and gymnasium. Even in a large earthquake, the structure will maintain its safety by minimizing deformation. The solar panels on the roof will provide temporary energy for residents who come to the facility in an emergency. The planned lifespan of the structure is 100 years.

△Facility structure diagram© MIKAMI Architects

△Facility elevation© MIKAMI Architects

△Exterior detailed view©KOUJI HORIUCHI

△Remote view of the facility from the outdoor lounge©KOUJI HORIUCHI


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