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Release Time: October 13, 2021


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While nature stimulates your creativity and productivity, We spend on average 95% of our time indoors.

We don't want to dictate the way you work, we just want to give you the freedom to choose by yourself.

Andreas left his engineering job to design his own productive workspace. He decided to bring his designs back to the drawing board and simplify things.

Meet chAir, a lightweight folding chair and desk combination.

● Aluminum...for the optimum strength to weight ratio.

● a seating material for its comfort and boundless durability.

● 12mm three-layer bamboo...for its superior appearance and durability.

CHAIR weighs less than 6 kg and thanks to its superior aesthetics allows you to design the office as you prefer. With chAIR the outdoors can now be your new office spac eor sit back, relax and enjoy your break in a public place.

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