Release Time: May 6, 2021

Dimensions: 685 x 600 x 210 cm

Year of production: 2021

Loaction: Al Haras Park in King Abdulaziz Historical Center in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Project commissioned: Noor Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Curated: Sumantro Ghose - artistic director of Noor Riyadh.

Co-produced: Omnikon and Balich Worldwide Shows.

Under artistic consultancy of Lavinia Diniz Freitas, Aperto Arts.

Photo credits: Karolina Halatek

Saudi ArabiaRiyadh

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Beacon is a new large-scale sculptural installation by Karolina Halatek that invites viewers to be immersed in a dazzling white light in the form of a pillar which points towards the sky to evoke the sublime matters between heaven and earth.

© Karolina Halatek

© Karolina Halatek

On one hand, the light pillar is used as a sign of guidance and protection; on the other, its white light includes all colors of the spectrum and refers to the concepts of completeness, of fullness.  

© Karolina Halatek

© Karolina Halatek

© Karolina Halatek

The piece has a monumental quality that acts as a beacon, yet also offers a small, intimate space that viewers can enter, experiencing the work from the inside, shifting their perception and being embraced by an unexpected, extraordinary brightness. Its formal simplicity and the purity of its white light generate a mysterious yet calming effect on those who approach it.

© Karolina Halatek

© Karolina Halatek

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